Traumatic Experiences (6 of 8)

Mike Connell

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Use the tools of: repentance and confession; release forgiveness; receive forgiveness; renounce the bondages. If we don’t look to the heart issues, we’ll just try and change their behaviour, and it won’t last. You have to deal with what’s in the heart. So when a person comes to you with a problem, don’t be in a hurry to pray for them. Search it out. Ask questions. Listen. Notice if you see emotions come as you talk to the person. So, if I’m talking with a person, and I see tears come in their eyes, I just stop. “What’s happening now? What are you feeling? What triggered that feeling?” It tells me something is going on in their heart.

So, you notice that this is not just a 1, 2, 3, 4 step to fix everyone. It requires we be sensitive to the Holy Spirit; and He will show you where to go. So I start, I relax the person, ask questions, begin to find my way to the root of the problem, and then I look for all the contributing issues: Generational issues; Soul-ties; Inner vows; Bitter judgements; Death wishes; Word curses; Sin. Everything has got a way you deconstruct it; and then when you deconstruct it, deliverance is very quick. So always think: deconstruct the demonic houses; remove the armour. Take away the armour the demons trust in, then deliverance is straightforward.

Now, is this always easy? No it isn’t; but often you’ll find if you’ve got a process, it’s much easier. You may like to share, without identifying it, just the situation we had last night. You share about that. Well you were there...

I’ll backtrack. I’ll start with your visions. Is it ok if I start with your visions? I won’t do the vision. I just shared that last picture.

So, in this situation that we had, we had to establish very clearly, responsibility; so the person understood what they had done. She was grieving and in tremendous pain. She was tormented by what she had done. So I had to put it very clearly, but also in love, and gently. “You chose between yourself and your child, and you chose yourself; and you have taken the life of your child.” I shared a vision God had given me of children in heaven, and how God cares for them. So I said: “When you chose the abortion, you chose what seemed like a simple path; but you didn’t realise you would have other problems after it.

So initially, you feel relief, because you’ve solved a problem. Now you have different new problems which are even worse. So we took her through the journey step-by-step, to help her out of her situation. First come to the Lord and confess the sin. If you confess, God will forgive you. So we dealt with the issue firstly of confession of sin. Then we dealt with the issue of grieving over the child, and prayed that God will give her a vision; and she opened up her heart, God began to reveal himself to her, and Jesus spoke to her. She saw Jesus with her child, and Jesus said: “You need to forgive yourself.”

Then I got her to listen and find out what this child is. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Immediately there was a witness straightaway - we knew exactly what it was. I said: “Now give your child a name, and release your child to the Lord.” She did that; and that’s when she saw Jesus holding her child, and smiling at her, and speaking to her words of comfort.

So step-by-step, this is a process. We dealt with the sin, I commanded the demons, we led her into an encounter with the Lord, and got her to take full ownership of the name of the child, and it brought great closure. You could see her countenance visibly changed afterwards. We had systematically deconstructed what the devil had built over her life. It started with a lie: “this is nothing. You can get rid of it without any problem.” It ended with her acknowledging the truth: “it was her son. This is his name, and she took his life.” But Jesus has forgiven her, and He’s now caring for the child. So it’s a journey through the process; and it was just step-by-step-by-step.

With the young man, I had to take him through similar steps to own his sin and failure; to come to and open his heart to the Lord and to be healed. It’s amazing what God will do. You’ve just got to deconstruct the demonic houses. Our tools: taking responsibility; repentance and confession; renouncing bondages; releasing forgiveness; and receiving God’s healing. So, use these tools to help deconstruct the houses. Once you’ve got in your mind what you’re looking for, you’ll find it’ll come up over and over again, the same things: Generational problems; Soul-ties; Bitter judgements; Inner vows; Death wishes; Word curses; Sin patterns; Trauma pictures; Demonic spirits. Each part has got a way of solving it.