Filling Your Lamp

Mike Connell

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You know a lot of people would love to be able to play an instrument, but the majority of people, even if they have a gift, don't give themselves to the discipline needed in their life to excel, and so they never become great. It's just really as simple as that. So I've looked around - have you ever thought, I wonder why it is that God seems to favour that person? Why is it they seem to be so blessed? It would seem like God actually is partial, and has favourites. The answer is no, He doesn't have favourites, but He does pour His grace out on people and who He chooses. But there's what is a secret life, that you and I must have, if we want to walk in the freedom and life of the Holy Ghost. You've got to choose it. I'll tell you what - I've made a choice. Sometimes it's not easy, but I've made the choice, that the life filled with the Holy Ghost is a better life than a life of depression. I used to live depressed all the time, go to parties and drink, but none of it ever helped. You wake up the next day still depressed, and you're sick as well - not very good at all. Tell, you what, we need the Holy Ghost, but oh, that wonderful Holy Ghost, that God gives. Would you love to know - and keys to being filled with the Holy Spirit are so very, very simple.

Here's the thing I can guarantee: I can guarantee tonight, if you were to take on-board these keys, your life will change, absolutely your life will change and would it change for the better? It will change for the better, but you would need to be applying these things into your life, day by day by day, until you start to see the change. I'll just give them to you very, very simply. They're not hard and it's not rocket science. In Ephesians, Chapter 5 verse 18 it says this: Don't be drunk with wine. It doesn't say, don't have any wine at all; just says: don't be drunk with wine; and for some people that means don't have any [Laughs], because once they start, they can't stop - bit like chocolate you see. But you have a look at the problems. We've got like so many young people today, they're struggling. They have one drink - Lyn won't have one drink. If you ask Lyn, she will have no drink, no drink shall pass her lips, because she understands what happens when you go down that route, and she's made a decision: I'll be filled with the Holy Ghost, but I won't be full of wine.

So don't be drunk. That word drunk is the word methowo, like a metho, under the influence. He says: don't be drunk with wine, but rather here's the contrast to being drunk, and being under the influence of spirits; it is to get full of the Holy Ghost. Get your life full of the Holy Ghost. So speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual song - let me give you four or five simple things that will help you get full of the Holy Ghost; and I can guarantee, if you just persevere through these, and continually work on them, then your life is going to change.

Here's number one, and I gave that to Jo. I went up to Jo and I said: Jo, you're quite gifted, but you know something? I said you're drawn back inside yourself, and the real you isn't coming out, and if the real you doesn't come out, then we never get to meet the real you. We get to meet the pretending-you, and so what I did was, got her to do this thing: pray in tongues. There's one of the keys to getting full of the Holy Ghost, learn to pray strongly in tongues every day, regularly every day, and during the day. Learn to pray in tongues. Why? One Corinthians 14, once you pray in tongues, the spirit of God is praying through you, your spirit is praying, you begin to arise on the inside. I guarantee it. Just that one activity of itself, praying in tongues. If you don't know how to pray in tongues, haven't got the gift of tongues, you wouldn't want to go home without it, because the gift given to you to build your spirit man, so I pray in tongues [Prays in tongues], and I allow myself - I give myself to it. I get my body working, and I allow myself to come alive on the inside with the Holy Ghost, see.