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Filling Your Lamp

Mike Connell

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Thank you Lord, today you're helping me in every part of my life, so that means I need to address properly any little things that go on in my heart that aren't right. You know they're not right. The moment you're aware of them, just put them right quickly; and if you practice doing these things consistently every day, your life will begin to change. Praying in the Holy Ghost, meditating on and speaking the word of God over your life, appreciating and expressing your gratitude and honour to the Holy Spirit; and becoming sensitive to Him, and then yielding, and so you let go the things that are going on in your life. If there's any issues that are wrong, you put them right very quickly. What you'll find happening - I guarantee it - is you'll start to increase in the flow of the spirit in your life.

How many feel that God's challenging you tonight about some things related to walking with him? You may be here and don't know Jesus Christ at all. If you don't know Him, you don't have his spirit, his loving spirit living in your heart; if you're living a life without God, that could all change in just a moment of time, in one decision.

What keeps us separate from God is sin, when we consciously live apart from God doing our own thing our own way, that's what sin is. What happens is, we live a life separated from God and from His spirit, and from His presence and from purpose in our life; but all of that could change in a moment. Jesus said: to everyone who received Him, He gave power to become a child of God, who believed on Him. So this is a necessity in our life, to acknowledge we have lived a sinful life, done our own thing; and to acknowledge what Christ has done, and receive Him.

I wonder if there's any person tonight, that you're at that place in your heart, and you'll say: actually I need to receive Jesus. I need to become a Christian. I need to have a change. I've tried all my own things, and it's getting nowhere fast, but tonight I believe God would change me. I believe He's able to change me. I believe He's willing to change me. I believe it'll happen if I respond. If that's you tonight, you're willing to become a Christian and receive Christ into your life, that's a great decision to make.

Perhaps you're living far from God. It's been a long time since you felt close to God. Tonight you feel God drawing on your heart, to turn from just living a backslid and lukewarm oil-less life. Lamp's nearly gone out, no sign that people could easily see that you're a believer, a follower of Christ. If God is speaking to you about that tonight, would you raise your hand and say: God's talking to me about that, I want to respond. God bless. Anyone else? God bless. God was speaking to you tonight about making steps to change, to begin to move forward, and to shift the things that are in your life, by applying some of the principles I gave you tonight.

We're going to live a powerful life to the Lord, going to start to rise up and get hold of God; and as you get a hold of Him, start to begin to focus on what your destiny is. Don't hold back. Don't be proud in your heart. Don't be worried about what people think of you. Be real with God and with yourself tonight. Praise the Lord. God, I just thank you for each one that's responded. I pray for your spirit to come upon them. Why don't we have the Pastor's leaders just to come, just lay hands on and pray and minister different ones that come forward. Let's just finish in a final song and let's thank the Lord. Jesus, lift His name up.