Filling Your Lamp

Mike Connell

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What happens is, you stir your spirit man. Most people live out of their body and their soul, and their mind and emotions, instead of letting their spirit arise. I looked and I saw in these last few weeks with Jo, and I saw there she is, the life of God is flowing out. I can feel her spirit touching us. She's full of the Holy Ghost, absolutely wonderful, the joy and the countenance, the light on the countenance. It's where it first shows, whatever's in you shows on your face. So number one, get praying in tongues, and get praying in tongues regularly. Get up every day, and begin to build that flow of praying in the spirit. If you're praying in the spirit you can't help get filled up. Something has got to go - and I don't mean mumbling in the spirit. [Mumbles] No, this is not going to cut it. Kingdom of heaven suffers violence. Strong people push in, and get a hold of us aye, so start to pray and pray strongly. Get up and begin to pray. Shake your body, shake yourself, that you hear your voice. Hear your voice! Let your voice out! [Prays in tongues]

Now I didn't use to be like that. I used to mumble away myself. I broke out of all of that; so number one - that's number one. Here's number two: meditate in the word of God. Meditate in the word of God, and there's several ways of meditating, or using the word of God, but here's one thing you could do. Get the word of God, and start to read and pray it over your life. Pray it over your life. Thank you Lord, you are filling me with might in the inner man, by the Holy Ghost. I am filled with might today. Thank you Lord. Today you're filling me with might. You're filling my spirit with life.

Begin to speak God's word over your life. Speak it and speak it strongly, speak it clearly, and believe what you are saying. See, you say: well I didn't feel that. I didn't feel very much at all. Therein is the problem of course, you're living from your feelings rather than living out of your spirit. Now there is a place for your feelings, but your feelings will follow what you believe; and so if your believing changes, your feelings will change. I guarantee it. You start to do the things you need to do, your life will change. You can do it. You can do it. You've just got to make the choice. You see the outcome, the other side, is full of the Holy Ghost, full of the Holy Ghost, full of the Holy Ghost, hearing from God, enjoying God, starting to live a different life, a better life, starting to have an influence you haven't had before. So there's two things straight away, two things straight away: praying the word of God, so get your Bible out and start to pray things. Pray out of Ephesians, pray out of Revelations, pray the word God. Start to speak God's word over your life. Take the word of God and begin to picture: thank you Lord, you are filling me with might in my inner man. I thank you the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in me, filling me. I thank you today, my whole body is full of life and energy. Pray that kind of way - you'll find it's a different way, if you're not used to it, but what happens is, as you give yourself to this, what happens is, everything in you begins to change. You can do this. This is nothing like it's very hard, or anything like that. So there's a couple of things you could do.

Let me give you two or three other things then we'll finish up. We'll start to pray together and pray and lay hands on a few people. Here's another thing you can do, and its this: learn how practice talking to, and appreciating, the Holy Spirit. So what I've shared of course has been quite sort of strong, but you need to be strong to push stuff away from you; but in practice actually being thankful and appreciative ,and starting to talk with the Holy Spirit as a person, this will really help you. You see most of us, we become conscious or aware of all kinds of things. You become conscious of your body, you're hungry, you're tired, you're whatever; but we can focus our attention, and begin to be appreciative.