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The Orphan Spirit

Mike Connell

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You can't give to others what you don't have, and God was wanting to flood the church with a revelation of His love, His goodness, His grace, and His glory, to remove bitter judgement out of the house, out of our lives. So Jesus made it very clear that people are orphans, and He says: I promise - here's My promise: I will not leave you orphaned. Here's what I'll do - I will send the Holy Spirit. He will come into you, and you will no longer be alone. You'll actually be in intimate union with the spirit of My Father. He said: you have seen Me with you, but soon the spirit of My Father is going to be in you, joined to your spirit. You can't get any more closely connected than that. He said: this is better than having Me here with you, because now My spirit, the spirit of My Father - see Jesus represented the Father. The Holy Spirit represented the Father. The three are one, there's no breaking or dividing them up. When you have the Holy Spirit, you have the spirit of the Father in you.

So He said: I'm going to make it so that the spirit of the Father comes and lives in you, and within you, you will be joined, and this spirit is a spirit of sonship, it's a spirit that reveals to you that God is Father. That's why when you pray within you it'll bear witness, Abba, daddy, father, I can come to you, you're my loving father. That's the work of the Holy Spirit. He said: I'm promising you that; and so Jesus called us to two things. He called us into intimacy and relationship with God as a Father; He called us also into mission. Intimacy precedes mission. Jesus' mission flowed out of intimacy. They're interconnected. You don't have one without the other, you have both. If you just have intimacy, without mission, I question what kind of intimacy you really have, and whether you've caught the heart of the Father, who is ascending God. Now God sent you to Hastings/Napier, Hawkes Bay, because He has a work for you to do. Out of your intimacy, out of your love, out of your revelation of Him, will flow a mission to reach people, because people need love. They need a revelation that God is a loving God. Why? Because they don't believe they're lovable.

You get with non-Christians, and after a while they know you're a Christian. Suddenly all their feelings about themselves surface. That's how they really feel, and we need to be able to minister to them in love. So where are the origins of the orphan spirit? How did this thing all come about? There are two places; the first thing is you have to understand, that the origin of this orphan spirit is demonic. It's demonic. It began with Lucifer. We read in Isaiah 14:12-15 and Ezekiel 28:12-16, there are descriptions of life before the fall. The Bible describes an angel by the name of Lucifer. It says he was in Eden, the Garden of God; so the Garden of God, Eden, is not just a physical place. It's more than that. It's a garden, it's a place in the spirit of fellowship, intimacy and relationship with God.

It's also called the Mountain of God, and in that place there, he was the anointed cherub that covered it. He had a realm in worship, he had a realm of influence around the throne of God. He was a major angel, and then the Bible says that there rose in him, inequity in his heart. It says that he said: well I will arise, and I'll go beyond my positioning, I'll go higher. I will go to this, and he said: I will be as God. So in his heart, pride formed, and this is what he did. He rejected God as a Father. The angels are called sons of God too, and so he rejected the Fatherhood of God. When he rejected the Fatherhood of God, this is what happened. He was cast out of heaven. He was cast out of his Father's family. He was cast out of his Father's home. He was cast out from his Father's presence. He was literally orphaned - no Father. No Father, no home, no inheritance, no place. He was literally orphaned.