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The Orphan Spirit

Mike Connell

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So he is the source, he is the one behind the whole attempt to bring people into a state of not knowing and understanding the love God has. His whole design and intention, is to distort your relationship with God, so you don't understand His loving Father heart, His loving nature. His whole structure of his world system is set up to keep you in a state of perpetual being an orphan. Now I'll refer to it in some different way, so that's where it happened, he was cast out. So he was rejected. He was abandoned. He was orphaned, and so he then desired that when he saw the creation of God, Adam, he desired to orphan Adam as well. He desired to separate Adam from God. Why did he want to do that? Two reasons; one, he was envious of what Adam had, and the positioning that God gave Adam; and two, this was the only way he could break God's heart, is to destroy His children. You think about it. People put up with a lot of things, but you touch their children, now something stirs up! People may put up with all kinds of things, and stand up for a lot of stuff and not say a word, but the moment their children are at stake, then they come out fighting.

Now you understand that your children, particularly, are a part of who you are, and so because your children are part of who you are, there's a deep fondness for them. There's an affection for them, and there's a love, there's a bond that's there. So because the devil couldn't do anything about God, his only way of lashing back at God, to wound and to hurt God, is to strike at the heart, to strike at the people that God loved, to take His children, steal His children. Once you begin to understand that, you realise what this whole thing in the Garden was about. I want you just to turn with me into the Garden of Eden, and to Genesis, Chapter 2. I want to just talk about the creation of Adam and I want to show you some things about this you'll have not noticed. I hadn't noticed it myself and just when I saw it I began weep and weep and weep. So we read in Genesis, Chapter 2, Verse 7.

Now we know that God created the heavens and earth. We realise in Genesis 1, God said: let there be light, and then there was light. He spoke. You notice that in everything that God did, He created it by the spoken word. God said: let there be light, let there be fish, let there be trees, let there be this, let there be that. He spoke, and the words created, the words brought forth out of the realm of the spirit, into the earth, the things He wanted to design; but when it came to man God did it differently. Here it is here, I want you to have a look with me in Verse 7. The Lord formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being. Now I want you to have a look at how God made Adam. I want you just to think on this for a moment, because sometimes I've found with scripture we read it, and we're familiar with the story, but we don't stop to think what happened.

Just when you stop, and you begin to see what really happened, the first thing is, it says that God formed Adam. In other words - now that word 'formed' is the word used when you have a potter, and he takes some clay in his hands with water, and he begins to spin the pot, and begins to squeeze and mould and shape it. So this word 'formed' has to do with touch, the hands. So notice that God didn't create man by speaking. He created man with His own hands. He actually took the dust of the earth, and then He began to shape. Can you imagine God standing there in the earth He'd created, and taking handfuls of dust, and as He takes those handfuls of dust, He begins to let His glory flow into the dust. He begins to move, and His hands move over it, and He begins to shape. All the angels are standing around, and they're wondering what on earth God is up to. They've seen Him create the heavens, and they've seen Him create the earth, they've seen Him create the sun, moon and stars. They've seen Him create the seas, the animals, the plant life. They've seen Him create everything, and now suddenly God is standing on the earth, and God reaches down into the earth and picks up some dust.