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The Orphan Spirit

Mike Connell

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He's holding it in His hands. There it is, Almighty God, holding dust in His hands, and He begins to move His hands like a potter. As He moves those hands, He begins to shape, and the angels and everyone are watching, just what is God up to now? He begins to shape, and as He begins to shape, the dust that He's shaping takes on the shape of a human body, the image of God, eyes and ears and nose and mouth, hands and feet, a body. But if you've ever been in a wax museum, it was probably a bit like one of those. You see a dead body, it's just like a wax, it's there, but there's no one in it, and so the angels are standing, and it's almost like God, out of the dust of the earth, has made this body, and it's an adult body, a fully grown body - so Adam wasn't just a little baby that came into being. He's actually formed as a body, fully, fully formed. And everyone's watching, what is God up to? Then it said: God breathed into him the breath of life, breathed - now notice this - breathed into his nostrils.

Now God didn't do this from a long way off. God is here like this. He's holding Adam, and He's just formed him, but all there is, is a human body, a perfect human body, and then God needs to do one other thing. He needs to give Adam the kiss of life, and so [kisses his wife] like that. See, it's not something a long way off. This is something intimate and close. Why? Because He's about to make someone He loves. He's about to form man in His own image and likeness, and so the Bible says: He breathed into Adam, into His nostrils. So that meant He had to be close. [Laughter and applause] Now think about this. Now when He did that, Adam became something, so God put in His life, the life of His spirit, and suddenly Adam became conscious. Now when Adam became conscious, you've got to realise now, his mind was not corrupted by sin. Scientists tell us we use only about 10 per cent of our brain. The smartest person has perhaps got an IQ of 150 to 200. Only 10 per cent - imagine what the IQ is, if you've got the full brain use.

Now you've got to remember, he's had no experiences of life at all. He's had no memories. There are no memories. He's about to open his eyes, and have his first experience, and what is his first experience? [Laughter] As he opened his eyes, his first experience was God, His heavenly Father, fully of glory, full of love. He looked straight into the face of God, into the face of His Father. What he saw on that face was love, approval, acceptance, and the biggest smile you've ever seen in the world. God is making a Son. God is making man, in His image and likeness. God is making someone to govern His creation. God is making His family, and the first experience that Adam had - so as He breathed into him, the skin suddenly became pink, as the blood began to flow, the heart began to pump. Suddenly Adam becomes conscious, and as he becomes conscious, he realises he's alive. It's like waking up, and suddenly he wakes up, his eyes open, and what he sees, is the face of God. He sees the face of his Father. He feels the love of his Father, the approval of his Father, the acceptance of his Father. That is his first and lasting impression; and your first experience of anything - it's lasting. So imprinted upon him, is a loving Father. What an amazing thing aye? Isn't that amazing? Think about how amazing that is.

So he doesn't know any pain, he doesn't know any suffering, he doesn't know what sorrow is, doesn't know what rejection is, doesn't know a thing about any of those things. He opens his eyes, and he sees his Father's love, and every day he's living in his Father's love. Every day he's talking with his Father. Every day he's receiving love. Actually heaven is on earth. The kingdom of heaven is now on earth. He has access to his Father in the realm of the spirit. He has access to heaven, yet he's on earth. He's God's original intention. Now you notice that not only did he have this experience of God's touch. He would have smelt the fragrance of God. He saw the face of God. He experienced the feeling of God's love. He walked in that love, and yet it was incomplete. God needed that he have someone human to express that love to. Love never can be alone. It always has to overflow to people, and so he caused Adam to go into a deep sleep.