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Wise and Faithful Servant

Mike Connell

And so it says: he appoint him his portion with the unbelievers - what that means, is that he will then be disqualified from his inheritance. Paul wrote, and he said, oh, he said: I run the race that I might win. I keep my body down through prayer and fasting, and I don't let my body rule me. I don't let anything rule me, that I might obtain the prize. So I encourage you to read the word of God, and look for the prize, look at the prize! Look at the prize! Look at the prize! Look at the thing that has to be won ahead of us; and has to be won by passionate, zealous, fiery lifestyle, that loves passionately the Lord, loves people passionately, and practically gets out and gets involved in ways to minister to people and build them up! What a great, exciting challenge we have ahead of us! Oh, don't look around you, what anyone else is doing! Get in the word of God, and see what is at stake; because whether you're alive on the earth when it happens, or whether you've already gone, what you do now counts for eternity! So make your life count! Make your life count! Say God: which servant am I most like? Am I taking what I have, and consciously, intentionally, led by the spirit to build people; or do I have negative attitudes, bad attitudes, and down the line one day, there's the shock of my life, He's going to come.

Oh, Father we thank you, that you are leading us and helping us to see the great destiny we have. Lord we dream of the day, when heaven will come to earth, when our bodies will be changed, when Lord we can engage in changing the affairs of the world. We thank you Lord, even at this little extent now, we've been privileged to be able sow into nations, and take our part with the orphans, with social justice, with micro finance, with bringing the Gospel, with raising leaders, with teaching and educating. We thank you Lord, we've been able to do a sample of it. Lord, we expect that in the days that come, Lord our influence will increase and grow, that Lord we will be involved in many different ways, in changing this world to advance the kingdom of God.

God, we long for your word to be fulfilled; and the day came when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of the Lord and of His Christ, when the day came according to Daniel, when the saints possessed the kingdom, and began to advance the purpose of God. Oh we long for a day when the economies are thriving, when technology is created, when justice rules. We long to be part of it. Teach us now, to vigorously do the part we can right now, because of the greatness of what lies ahead of us.

I wonder if there's any person here doesn't know Jesus yet? You're not in the kingdom of God yet; but it's very near to you, very near. It's actually one decision, one choice you are, away from the kingdom of heaven. From everyone who received Jesus, to everyone who believed on Him, trusted him; sin is the issue. Sin keeps us out of the kingdom, but the moment we come to Christ, and acknowledge what He's done for us on the cross, and turn from our sin, a life without God, and turn to begin to walk with Him; oh my, everything begins to change. The spirit of God comes into your heart, you come alive. I wonder is there any person here today, and you say I'm right at that point, I want to give my life to Jesus, I want to become a Christian, would you raise your hand, let me know? I'd love to just pray with you.

I wonder how many people felt God speak to you about your heart attitude, and the need to have a change, the need to change; to re-look at how you relate to God's people, how you serve God's people, because in serving them you're serving Him; re-looking at how you relate to the community, because in serving them, you're serving Him.

I wonder how many people got spoke to, the need to discover what you're called to do, prepare yourself for it, and give yourself to it. I wonder how many people are right at the point, where you're discouraged in whatever area you're serving, but God has just challenged you to stand up and persevere, and be faithful to the end. If you felt God speaking in one of these ways, or another way, why don't you just raise your hand, just let's acknowledge God, you're talking to me, I'm hearing you today. God bless, God bless, God bless, God bless. Many, many people.