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Mike Connell

And he's sealed up, so he can't do a thing. He cannot do a thing. He's sealed, seal of God's on him, he can't do a thing. He's absolutely locked up for the one thousand years; and then at the end of a thousand years, he's released for a while. So that gives us a little bit of a picture about some things that are coming up. We say coming up - I suppose coming up soon; so soon there comes a point, and God's plan is for heaven to come down, and to come near to earth. That's why everywhere you're getting messages on heaven and earth; heaven, thy kingdom come - because God is wanting to bring heaven nearer to earth, and reconnect it like it was originally connected.

And so let's have a look at some of the things that are in there. Let's read on what happens - and I saw - so he saw the devil put out of the way for a while; I saw thrones, and they sat on them. It's a place of governance, it's a positioning, a realm in the spirit where someone governs from - and they sat on them, and judgement was committed to them. Who are they? Let's have a look - then I saw the souls of those who'd been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and the word of God; had not worshipped the beast or his image, had not received his mark on their foreheads or hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. So if you live for a thousand years, you have to have been resurrected, and so you're resurrected, your body changes.

Now that raises a whole lot of things if your body is resurrected, especially if lots of other people haven't been resurrected. Now can you imagine living in a world where you live in a resurrected body like Jesus did? I mean Jesus came in and out of rooms, He ate food, they touched Him, they could feel His body. He went in - he said where does Jesus live? I don't know, but He just turns up, [sound effect] just like that, whoa! How do you that? Quite simply, because He now freely accesses heaven and earth. He lives in heaven; but can walk into the earth realm like that, and then just walk out of the earth realm like that; doesn't need a bed to sleep, doesn't need a house to live in, doesn't need a motor car, doesn't need anything, because He goes [sound effect] and there He is! It's not bad is it?

So what happens if the police turn up to try and arrest him? Well they can shoot all they like. It won't make any difference a bit. He's got a resurrected body. It's not going to affect Him one little bit - so what if they try and blast Him? It's not going to affect Him. Nothing anyone does could affect Him, and likewise those with the resurrected bodies. Bullets just go straight through them. [sound effect] Ha ha ha - try again! Go on - something bigger, you know, that kind of stuff. So this is amazing.

Now imagine that - no sickness. Other people get sick, other people are living and dying, getting old and dying through the thousand years - but you're not. You've been restored to full health, and you won't be that old either. You'll be younger. You'll be restored, probably to something around about the age of 30, where your body was at its peak, and there you are, all that hair and teeth back [Laughter] and no creaky joints or, you know, no kind of hip replacement stuff. I'll get the teeth back. You can get rid of all those old... You'll have a restored body. Now isn't that amazing? And that's for a thousand years, and then forever - but can you imagine what it'd be like living in this world, entering in and out of this world in a body like that, and no one else is? Gives you a bit of a heads up on everyone doesn't it really, but there's a purpose for it - so let's have a look and we'll just summarise what some of the things are, because there's a task to be done. [Laughs] I was just thinking about it - it's just awesome.

So first of all he says: there a thousand years, so what's commonly called the millennium, is a one thousand year period of time; and it'll begin at some time, and then it ends at another time, then after that there's eternity. Now there's something happens in that one thousand years, so the millennium is a one thousand year period of time when Jesus will physically appear in the earth, and manifest His kingdom on the earth. That's the thing you have to understand; the prayer is constantly your kingdom come into the earth. We tend to think of 'get out of it'! No, you're abandoning the kingdom assignment. So when we withdraw from the community, we abandon our assignment: the eternal assignment and the current one. That's why Jesus' assignment was to go, go into the earth, make disciples, win people, build the house, advance the kingdom of God by adding people to the house, discipling them, raising them up, then releasing them to go out and advance the kingdom of God. That was the mandate, so here's the first thing; it's the millennium's a thousand year period of righteousness and peace. See, no devil, so that makes a huge difference to wars and battles and things, doesn't it?