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Mike Connell

Second thing is, the kingdom of God will manifest openly, globally, in every sphere of life. Now we see hints of it, you know, the presence of God will come; and when there's a very intense meeting, there'll be a great atmosphere of God; but the Bible says: the whole earth will be filled with the glory, so that means glory will come in and out of the earth, heaven will be really close to the earth, and every sphere of life will be affected.

In South America when they had a revival, and they broke down the power of the ruling spirit, the ground produced - and still to this day produces huge produce, out of proportion to anything else, huge fruits, huge vegetables. The land changes, because at the moment the whole of the world is bound by this thing of Satan influencing it, producing poverty; so ground will produce in a way it's never produced before - but it's every sphere of life will be affected. It affects everywhere - the physical realm, where people live, it affects everything. The political realm will be affected, anything you see right now, no matter how unjust it is, no matter how it is in the political arena, will all change. The educational area will all change. The economic system will all change, because it's unjust, and it oppresses the poor. All of these things must be changed. He is going to bring His kingdom into this earth, His kingdom. Daniel saw it as a stone made without hands, that rose up and became a mountain that filled the whole earth!

See, we're not talking about something little here. We're talking about something you can't hide, because it's going to be everywhere, right through the earth; and no one can stop it, no one can stop it, and it's bad if they ever try, because if they try it'll be a problem. Technology will change, families will change. Think about this: society at every level will change, education change, the legal system, law enforcement - every area of society is to be changed. We mentally think, when you have a 'going to heaven' mentality, we just think: you just leave all those things behind, you go there, and that's it. But he's saying no, no, no, no, no, that's only the temporary holding place. See what I really want to do is, bring you here and change the earth.

Now you understand why God wants Christians to be involved in every part of society, because that was always the intention. It was always the intention. Why? Because He wants to redeem it. He's paid the price - now we can redeem it partly now, but at the coming of His kingdom it'll be properly redeemed, because there'll be nothing to stop us. No one could stop us. Oh, don't you love that, isn't it aye? So God's purpose is that heaven start to become and invade earth, heaven beginning to invade earth, so that the realm of the supernatural becomes accessible, and then miracles are happening in the great dimension, economic things change, lots of things begin to change. Why? Because the supernatural dimension is coming around the earth as God always intended it.

John saw it as the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven, but its heaven invading earth - something happening. Now the crucial thing of course is, what we're going to be doing there. So one of the things that we tend to think is, we tend to think that somehow Jesus will just crack a wand or something, I don't know - bang a Bible or something, who knows? But we don't think about this. We kind of think that all life processes will just suddenly change. They didn't change when He came the first time. He actually came, and He engaged in His culture, and set about advancing the kingdom. When He comes the next time, He'll not come as the lamb, He'll come as the lion, and no one can resist Him.

The Bible says in a couple of places - so the natural resources or natural process is going to continue on, so guess what? The education system will continue on. Someone's going to have to get in there and change it. Law system's going to continue on, someone's going to have to get in there and change it. Political systems, they'll still continue. You can't just suddenly - ever been in a government where they lost all the government? The whole place falls to pieces. You can't change a nation by just dismantling all the authority structures. You've actually got to change the structures, and that means change the people, change the thinking, change the processes.