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Mike Connell

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Father, we pray over these next weeks You will expose across the church in every one of us vain imaginations that control and run our life and talk to us and take us in a path we shouldn't be going. We're going backwards instead of going forwards. We want to go forwards so we choose to open ourselves to You, the living God. Everyone say amen. [Amen!] Amen. Let's just stand to our feet, going to finish with a great song. Perhaps there's someone here today and you've been walking in a vain imagination all your life. The Bible says the fool says in his heart there's no God. It's an imagination. There is a God and believe me, you're going to stand face to face with Him, but today you could actually connect with Him, your sins forgiven, a new life begun. Jesus said whoever will receive Me, believe and put their trust in Me, I give them power to become a child of God. That'll be a great thing to happen for you. If you're here today, you're not a Christian and you want to give your life to Jesus, as we sing this final song just make your way up to the front, stand here. We'll be glad to pray with you and lead you to Jesus Christ.

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