Imagination (1 of 4)

Imagination (1 of 4)

Sun 10 Aug 2008 AM

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Imagination (1 of 4) Mike Connell 10.08.2008 am

Thank You Lord. Okay, let's be seated. There's a tremendous amount of work going on there. Chinese businessmen go from Taiwan. People we've trained go up there and they're reaching just so many, many people. It's absolutely awesome. Well we're just going to get into the word. I want to share with you so I want to start a new series over the next four weeks. Before I go to Mongolia I want to share on an area that's going to be of help for you, going to lift you up and help you to get a breakthrough in your life. Just before we do that, just two things I want to draw to your attention. Number one is - where's Andy and Janine? They'll be sitting here somewhere, Andrew and Janine. There they are, just over there. Oh, Janine's not there is she? No, she's looking after baby somewhere.

Andy and Janine have got a tremendous opportunity to go up to Bethel, the School of Ministry in Redding, Bill Johnson's School of Supernatural Ministry. It's a huge step for them but they felt the Lord speak to them; they submitted it to us and to others for counsel and advice. We've all prayed over it and just feel that God is on this, so for nine months from the end of the month they're going to be going up to Redding in California where there's a School of Supernatural Ministry, a school of business, supernatural business as well and they're going to get some training up there and come back in about June next year isn't it? So I'd love you just to pray for them and to stand with them. It's a big venture, a very, very costly venture to take your whole family up and over to a strange land, but they've had very clear direction from the Lord in it and are very, very open to listen to God in the matter and not just race ahead.

So it's going to be a great experience for them, but they have got a challenge right now. The challenge is no house to go to and also there's no one to rent their house or buy their house, so there's a very practical thing that is needed right now is to pray for those two areas, the housing issue to be resolved. They need a good place for their family to go into with four children. It's quite a - not everyone's open to that so it's quite a challenge, and their finding is they ring and make connection that people, because they're overseas are not responding so we just need to believe that in this next three weeks they'll get a breakthrough, get a house over there and also get a breakthrough with their own house here. Just a very practical matter, a matter for prayer, so I'd love you to pray and let them know you're praying for them too. It'll be really, really good. So they'll be out at the end of the month and then back in June and we'll hear great things that God has done and taught them. It's going to be fantastic, so a great move and a great step of faith to let go a secure career, stepping out and not knowing quite what it all leads to, and that's what the journey of faith is like. You don't always know what your step will mean or where it'll take you.

Another couple of people taking a step of faith is Steve and Tara. They've taken a step of faith. They felt God call them to come and be planted here in Bay City and to help with the work here [applause] and so they've taken a step of leaving Australia. They also have a need for a building to sell. They've got a very expensive apartment over there needing to be released, so if you could just also pray for them that God will just give them a breakthrough and a release. They feel to come over here and stand with us in working and helping do whatever they can in the business arena to help people, so that's great news too isn't it aye? God moves in places people as it pleases Him. Want you to open up your Bible with me, going to do something that's over this next few weeks. It's going to just stretch you out just a little bit. I want to just talk about the area of imaginations, imaginations. I want to do a series on imaginations. How many people ever daydreamed? [Yeah!] My goodness me, daydreams. They take you some places don't they? [Laughs]

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