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Imagination (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

They bring the person into a place they should not be, and they end up with the person being in bondage and not even realising that spirits have now accessed them and are now controlling their feelings and emotions and how they think and what they do. I have seen this over and over and over again. I've felt the Lord put on my heart we just need to get a handle on this how to deal with it. So an imagination is just a mental picture of something that has not yet come into being. It's a mental picture of something which is not yet come into being; it's an image. Imagination comes from the word image, so an imagination is an image, an image of something that is not yet come into reality. It could do or it may not, but it's a picture of something that's possible. So when you daydream for example, you go away and you begin to think of something and you get into something that just flows on and on and on and on. Before you know it hey, wait, come back! You know, where did I go? And you find you've gone somewhere and as far as I can see, and I'll show it to you another verse out of Ezekiel, it just seems as though there's a screen we have like a screen God's designed within us.

On that screen you get mental pictures form, so if you were to close your eyes and just remember or imagine your bedroom - whoa. Now what happens is you get a mental picture, so for example if I said tell me what your bedroom's like you'd say no, I want to go there. So I say no, don't go there, tell me what it's like. So you'd stop for a moment and you'd get a mental picture of what it looked like and then you'd try and put the picture into words for me, so what you carry is a picture inside you. And the whole spirit world works off pictures. Mostly God communicates with pictures and the devil puts pictures into our mind, because once you've got your imagination controlled every other part of you is going to come in line with what you're imagining. Getting the idea? It's really quite an important area, so your imagination - that's why TV and the internet can create huge inroads because it puts impressions or pictures directly into your imagination.

When we grew up you used to listen to radio programs and serials. Man, we used to love those things, but you had to use your imagination. You actually had to activate your imagination to picture what you were hearing, but with TV now it just invades your imagination and puts images in there. So clearly it's like a screen you have because when God speaks to you it's like you get a mental picture, and it comes to the same place that you imagine; hence the need to cleanse your imagination, because that's the place you receive the picture impressions from God. Getting the idea? So if your imagination gets filled with mental pictures that are corrupt and defiled it then chokes up and blocks up and affects your capacity to be intimate with the Lord. So it seems as though there's a part of us is like a screen on which mental pictures form.

Secondly, it seems as though our inner man is designed so there are - the Bible talks about the chambers of the imagination, like many rooms. Now if I for example, if I was to say I want you to go back and remember an event which happened last week and you would begin to close your eyes, think about it and then in your mind you begin to picture and re-live that particular event. While it's in your imagination it's like you're in a room and you just focus totally on that event, and then you can come out of that room again and some people block off those kinds of parts of their life. They've had bad memories, bad experiences and so they block them all off and yet their mind is filled with images which have really deeply wounded them, so I may get a chance in a couple of sessions to get into the whole area of your memories and how they impact your imagination, and how ungodly beliefs and unresolved hurts then feed things into your imagination that begin to control your life. Getting the idea?