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Destiny Hurdles (2 of 7)

Mike Connell

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Develop a devotion and delight in the Lord. Develop deep relationship with God, where you love Him, and delight in Him, and enjoy Him, and enjoy His word, the word of God. You can't just live off a buzz on a Sunday and some great meeting and experience of God. We've got to delight in His words, and delight in Him, and build something around our life of that, because my destiny ultimately will be very limited if I just follow the dreams and desires of my heart. They'll get me so far, but they won't take me to the bigger perspective that only God could give. And here's the last one. You need to develop a kingdom world view. Let me just do it very briefly. A kingdom world view - a world view is the way you look at life. Now you've all got a way of looking at life, you just may not know what it is, and so to have a kingdom world view is to understand that the kingdom of God is here now, the kingdom of God is advancing, we're called to advance the kingdom of God in the earth, and one day the kingdom will come in full manifestation.

Now many people in church have different viewpoints of that. Some of you may have come from a background of what I call the rapture teaching; we're waiting for Jesus to return, and there's many verses about us waiting eagerly for His return, expecting His return. There are many scriptures like that, but the core of it is this. We are waiting. What are we waiting for? That great day when Jesus returns. Now there's an element of truth in it, but here's the problem. If that's your perspective, you'll just be waiting, and you'll not only be waiting, you'll be waiting for God to whip you out, and you'll be waiting for the world to be burnt up and judged. You will be irrelevant to changing the culture. See, you can't fulfil your destiny which is in the earth, if you actually reject the people of the earth, and the people in the world. We can't do that. If we see them as sinners, and we see them as God's judgement on them, God's going to burn them, and then there's something happens, there's some prophetic declaration - the judgement of God - I wonder what God do you serve? It's more your own judgemental heart that's come with that kind of stuff.

Here's another thing. I'll just share this one carefully, because I've been a part of it for so long. [Laughs] Another one is what I call a revival mentality, and here's what we do. Now there's many things about the Lord pouring out His spirit, and we see Toronto, we see a whole range of places around the world. Here's what comes up. Here's what you end up doing - our great hope in what we are waiting for is, one day God will move. What a great day that will be when God moves, so what will we do? Well we'll pray. We'll wait and we'll pray and we'll pursue God. What about the world? Well when revival comes, lots of things will happen then, but our hope is revival coming. Now listen, all of these perspectives have an element of truth in them, but here's God's perspective. Jesus' message was the kingdom is here now. The kingdom of God is within you! It is here now waiting to break out into the earth, through men and women who have discovered their desires, discovered their passions, discovered their giftings, discovered what's in them, and aligned themself with heaven to enjoy the journey of advancing the kingdom and representing our wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and enjoying the journey!

Now any time you come up against one of these hurdles and don't leap the hurdle successfully, I'm afraid you will find yourself on your face, a bit flat and wondering why you're making no progress. It's hard to progress on your face - better jump the hurdle! Here they are again: jump the hurdle, take full responsibility for your life, start to plan and set goals, start to work hard and apply yourself to grow, develop, to be a better person. Persevere, don't quit when it's hard, tough, people criticise you, people against you. Resolve your issues. Face them, get them sorted out, go to a retreat, read a book, get some help. See, develop your core beliefs. Develop a belief system that supports you being fully who you are. See, develop some supportable relationships that will help you get forward.