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Destiny Hurdles (2 of 7)

Mike Connell

Last time we talked about understanding that although God actually is the king of kings and Lord of Lords; although Jesus is the king of kings, Lord of Lords, although He actually sovereignly rules over everything, He calls upon us to engage with Him proactively. So if you get a concept that God is in charge, God is control, you tend to slump to passivity; well whatever happened I guess God meant it, and you know, my grandmother used to say something like this, well, it was meant to be - which is a fatalistic, passive, lacking faith response to life. A lot of things, it's not meant to be. It's just, this is what happens in life; how are you going to respond to what happens in life? So in Ephesians 2 and Verse 10 and I know the verse. It says that we are His workmanship, created in Jesus Christ under good works that God prepared beforehand, that we would walk in them. So we see there, that you are a unique creation. We looked at this last week, how you are a unique creation. How are you unique? Well your DNA for one, the genes, the genetic design and code that makes you up, is absolutely unique. Your fingerprints are unique. Your voiceprint is unique, your eyeballs are unique. They can identify you by any one of those things. See, you are absolutely unique. There is not a copy of you.

When God made you, He said I won't do that again, I'll just break the mould and make something different, so you're absolutely unique. But there's other ways you're unique too. You and I are unique in that God has designed something only we can accomplish. No one else can accomplish it, because no one has the sphere of influence that you have. You have your network of friends, connections, contacts, where you live in the community, where you work, all those kinds of things. You have a unique call of God into that area or region to do something. No one can fulfil it for you. I can't fulfil it for you. This is something God placed you in that job, placed you in that community, placed you in this area. He placed you, and because within that placement, lies something He wants you to accomplish.

It's always to do with things He's wired into you, and it's always to do with representing Him, and advancing His kingdom, so notice we are His workmanship; He is working on our lives to shift, change and enable us to be Christ-like, so love flows out of our heart. We're actually loving people, and nice people, and people like to be with you, because you've developed a nice nature walking with God. But it says also, His plan works for us to accomplish, only we can do them, so the first thing then to realise is, God has created a unique destiny, notice it says these works that we would walk in them. That implies this; you are responsible to be proactive in walking with God, and discovering what you're called to do. It's a walk. It's a way of living. When we use the word walk, we're talking about getting somewhere, going on a journey, so let me just say this again. It is your responsibility to discover how to walk with God, and what God has uniquely called you to accomplish.

I wish I could help you discover it. I can give insights, we can get prophetic ideas and directions, but ultimately it's your responsibility to discover what God called you to do. Why did He place you in that school, in that class with those people? Well only God can help you answer that, and part of the key to that is hearing God, but part of it is discovering what He's put inside you already, because I believe that you are already hard-wired. That means God designed you so that you would naturally gravitate to what you're called to, see? How does He do that? Well He puts in you desires. How many have got desires, things you'd really - oh, I'd love to do that? I would just love to do that. We've all got them, see? Got dreams - oh man, dreaming these things. So how many of you have got passions, things when you do that whoa! That's me! Come away, I'm energised, you know? Of course if you compare your passion with someone else's it'll be foolish because you've just got your passion. That's what God gave you. He didn't give it to anyone else, so if they don't get fired up about your passion don't worry.