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Destiny Hurdles (2 of 7)

Mike Connell

Okay, well you're all quiet. Now here's the thing. God raises our thinking. In Isaiah 55 and Verse 9 it says this; as the heavens are higher than the earth - is heaven high? Yeah, high high! Okay - so are My ways higher than your ways, and also My thoughts than your thoughts. Here's the thing. Notice that God's saying - He says ideas and His scope of thinking. Let's put it like this - My perspective is really much higher than yours. That's why you've got to be expanded in your thinking, because you're not going to think high enough, and you're not going to think big enough. So if I just leave you to yourself, you won't think big enough. Let me just show you how to connect it. I'll give you a few examples I just felt come to mind.

First of all, when Moses went down to Israel he saw a guy beating up one of the slaves. His desire was to deliver the man. God's desire was to deliver a nation. He was impulsive, and he was not prepared to deliver a nation, and so he really blew it on the first one, but nevertheless God still had his plan, and never forsook him, got him there in the end. Hannah - think of Hannah. Hannah desired a son. She really wept, she really cried, she really went all through the sweat about not having a child. God wanted a prophet for a nation, and as soon as her desire and His lined up, woo! She got the son - actually she got heaps of sons, and God got the prophet to the nation. So that's how you collate it with God. God has got something He wants to accomplish through you. It's connected to your desires, but His perspective is a lot bigger. That's why you always want to connect with Him. He's got a bigger perspective, not destroy the desire, but give you a bigger scope of realising it.

Think about Peter. Peter really had a desire to catch fish. He loved catching fish. He went out, he had a business fishing in the end. God wanted him to catch men, so Peter wanted to catch fish, God wanted someone to catch people. So He took the man who caught fish, and raised Him with a bigger vision. Oh man, fish, fish? Even I can buy fish in the market. People - that's eternal. This is big stuff. Peter's thinking, I'd love to just feed my family, and make a bit of profit here, and do up the house, add some things on, get a nice chariot. God's thinking man, I want to change your world. You see how God took the desire, just lifts it to another level. Here's another one. Think about David. David desired to be a shepherd. He wanted to shepherd sheep, just walk with God and shepherd sheep, but God's desire was for a shepherd for a nation, so God took this guy who's training as a shepherd, and has raised the level of his shepherding up. Ooh, never thought of that did you! My ways are higher than your ways.

Here's another one; Abraham. Think about Abraham. Abraham desperately wanted a son and an heir. He wanted someone who could inherit all he'd got. God wanted a whole nation who could inherit, so how does He get together? Well God just eventually works with Abraham, and Abraham's desire and God's desire gets connected together. Next thing you know, Abraham's got his desire, and God's got His desire. Abraham gets Isaac after messing around with Ishmael, but God gets a whole nation to inherit the nations of the earth. So I see it that God's perspective is higher than ours, but He doesn't ignore ours. He takes into account our desire, and out of intimacy with Him, it comes up in many instances to something far greater than we would ever have thought of.

See, I remember talking with one lady, and she liked knitting and making up these little beanie things, then she ended up making heaps of these beanies for people who were orphans in another nation. So God's plan was to provide for the orphans by providing warmth and covering; her plan was to make some beanies, and God got the two linked together. Next thing you know, she's passionate and she's doing something that actually is a wonderful thing in the kingdom of God. You see how it works? But you've got to front up with what you are, and who you are, and what you've got going on inside you.