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Forces that Work in You (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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I know what I should be doing, but I find there's a law in my body, or in my flesh, that goes counter. There's something de-energising me from doing what God wants - and there's not a person here exempt from both of those things, not one of us. There's not one of us exempt from the sin energy, and demonic energy, that tries to depress you, hold you down, get you apathetic, and get you locked in.

Apathy is not just a word. It's a spiritual thing, with a life of its own, that when you've got apathy over you, it sits over you like a wet blanket; and oh - this is what you'd say: I can't be bothered; or another way of saying it: I haven't got the energy to do that.

So when spirits oppress people, they haven't got the energy to break out and be different, so they live life low-level. Now the answer to it is not lots of laws, and focussing on demons.

The Bible tells us in Romans 8: there's now no condemnation. Jesus does not condemn you because you've got the struggles of sin energy, and demonic energy. There's no condemnation whatsoever, Jesus doesn't condemn. Why on earth does most of the church condemn people and judge people that have got things wrong, as if we didn't? Hello! If you didn't have any, if you were as free as you claim to be, you'd be doing a lot more for God.

So it's because we've come under the law ourselves, we bring others under the law; I should be doing this, I mustn't do that, I must do that. It's the law. There's no power in the law. You can't get energised for God with the law. All it does is defeat you every time, because the thing you shouldn't be doing, you end up doing; or you're so consumed with fighting it, that you've got no energy left for anything much else.

That's why many Christians live absolutely miserable lives, because they come under the law, and they're trying to fight, and they can't. They haven't got enough of the world to be happy; or enough of God to be happy. It's just miserable. So what's the answer to that?

Well it's very, very simple. It says: the law of the spirit of life in Christ sets me free from the law of sin and death. In other words, I have to activate something else, and then I get the victory; and it's the activating something else that requires you to co-operate with the Holy Ghost.

It says: God works in you, both to choose to do what He wants; and then empowers you to actually do it.

So here's the question: How on earth does that happen? Glad you asked - that's a good question to ask. How does that happen, because it's not happening much for me, you say.

Let's go in Ephesians 3, and let me give you the keys for that, because they're so simple, and you've already heard them over and over, it'll be like reminding you of things you already know; and you just forgot, that's all. So what I want to do is, encourage us to just remember the basics, and do the basics again; and it's not so hard, because they work. It always works, and you try harder to overcome your sin, you just get worse into it, because you come under the law.

But if I actually acknowledge that sin is there, I can activate the spirit of life in Christ - so how can I do that? First thing to realise is: I'm positioned already in a place of victory, with Christ. We are already - it tells is in Ephesians 2 - seated in the realm of heaven with Him.

We're joined to the overcomer. You're joined to Him already. You're joined to Him already. Nothing can separate you from Him. You have the spirit of God inside you. You have to find a way to activate the Holy Ghost inside you! He is willing. It's just we're not doing what we need to do, that would arouse the spirit of God to flow more powerfully through our lives!