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Forces that Work in You (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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In 1 Thessalonians 2 verse 13: You received the word which we preached unto you, not as the word of men.

Ah well, who's up preaching on Sunday? Oh okay, well I don't like that preacher, I'll stay home. I don't know if I like that message you know? He said: that you didn't receive it by looking at the people speaking, and how they spoke. You received it, as it is in truth, the word of God which works - there it is - energises or creates activity in your life, if you believe it.

Now in Hebrews 4:2, it tells us: they heard the word of God, but it didn't do them any good whatsoever, because they never believed on it.

So believing is not: well, that's nice, that was a good message, I agree with that. No, no, no - that's not believing! The demons do that, they believe in God, and they tremble, but it doesn't save them. Believing, from a Biblical point of view, is that you embrace what you have heard, and start to operate it in your life.

So to speak the word of God - so when we say speaking the word of God, the word of God works. The word of God releases energy in your spirit. It releases energy in your life. The word of God will activate the Holy Spirit to move.

Remember in Genesis, the spirit of God "brooded over the abyss"; and when the word was spoken, the spirit moved. Now that's the first time you see the spirit moving, and He moves when the word is spoken with faith.

Now think about your own life. If you started to get the word of God in your heart, and start to speak God's word over your life and circumstances regularly and consistently, the spirit of God will begin to move in a different way through your life.

It's not just that you rabbit on the scripture. You need to wrap your heart in it, through meditation, and speak it. You see words communicate language, but our voice communicates the spirit.

So you can read a scripture, and just: it's read, and then it's gone just like that; but when the word is spoken, you manifest your spirit when you speak the word of God; so you notice that most of the miracles in the Bible, where the Holy Ghost moved and changed things, someone spoke, and they spoke forcefully and strongly. So learn to speak the word of God over your life.

Take the Bible and begin to pray scripture: I thank you, I'm accepted in the Beloved, I am redeemed, and whom I have forgiveness and so on. You begin to pray the Bible out over your life: I thank you Lord today you're filling me, and strengthening me, with might in my spirit by the Holy Ghost; today my - and then you start with a scripture, and then personalise it, and get in a flow of prayer. Your energy will rise massively; so start with a scripture, declaring the scriptures, and then begin to pray around that scripture and make it personal.

The Bible says: the same spirit, that raised Christ from the dead, dwells in you; and shall quicken your mortal body. Now take that scripture: I thank you Lord today, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, dwells within me, and quickens my mortal body.

I thank you Lord - now you see, as I've done that, I've meditated, and I've held a strong belief that I will give to the Holy Ghost! He will quicken my body with energy and life, and I'll stay young and lively and vigorous. People who yield to sin energy will grow old quickly.

People who stay full of the Holy Ghost stay very young and youthful. People who just let sin and negativity get over their life, age quickly. It shows - because sin is an energy. Sin causes decay and death.