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Forces that Work in You (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Now that would be such a simple thing. Here's the thing - you can pray as much, or as little, as you like; but I tell you: if you stop praying, the energy will diminish.

You get praying strongly in tongues, and you get up, and I guarantee if you were to rise up every day and over a period of two or three weeks, build your praying in tongues strongly every day, and build it up so you're praying in tongues strongly and forcefully, between 15 and 20 minutes, and you're giving yourself into that praying in tongues, you'll start to feel the energy and life flowing.

Of course you'll have some reactions from your flesh. It will start to try and pull you down. Old problems will stir up, but you've got the throttle, and you're pulling back and as you pray in tongues, you are now co-operating with the Holy Spirit, and enabling Him to do what He does, which is build you up.

It's sort of, so simple. It's not rocket science is it, but it's just in the doing of it, you get the results. Pray in tongues, pray in tongues. Know what you're doing. Let your spirit rise up! Move your body! Pray in tongues until you feel your spirit rising up, and energy flowing in you. Now that's not all we need to do but it's a great start.

Here's the second thing that we need to do, and you find if we just go back to that Philippians passage again, Verse 13. It says: God who works for you, both to will and to do good pleasure; do all things therefore, without complaining or disputing.

Now they go together. When you read verses, you should read them together, read them in context; and it when it says: its God who's working inside you, to will and to do for His good pleasure, so therefore don't go around moaning and whinging and whining! What could be clearer?

Moaning and whinging and whining will de-energise you! The complainers always de-energise the atmosphere, and they de-energise you, if you hang around complaining people. You have to make a decision: if I hang around complainers, and if I give voice to complaining, then there's unbelief is stirred in my heart, the Holy Ghost is quenched. I am being de-energised - oh, oh, oh pull up! Pull up! I'm going to a bad place - so you have to make a decision:

I will refuse to give in to complaining about anyone, or anything. I will refuse acting like a victim, and passing judgement and blame on anyone or anything. I will start to do this: I will start to show gratitude and praise the Lord!

The Bible tells us, in Psalm 69: magnify the Lord with thanksgiving! Make God bigger in your life, by magnifying Him, by expressing gratitude for all the blessings you have.

In Psalm 69:30, it says: I will praise the name of the Lord with a song. I heard Ray praise the name of this Lord. Did you get stirred up this morning, when we had that sound of joy, and there was a spirit of faith in that song? Well you see that's what this is talking about - that lifts your spirit - that energises you.

How many got energised? See, yeah, you're energised if you decided to, but you get energised as you begin to praise the Lord, and thank Him, show gratitude.

If you were to decide for one week: I'm going to do all I can not to complain, and to catch my complaining out; and I'm going to start to show gratitude to God, gratitude to people, start to thank God for all the things I have, the blessings I have.

What a great place to live in; and as I start to adopt an attitude of gratitude and praise to the Lord continually, you know what will happen? You'll energise the moving of the spirit inside you. I guarantee it. Why? The Bible tells us, that's how you access the presence of God: "Come into His presence with thanksgiving, enter His gates with praise" - so I come in being thankful and praising, I can enjoy God.