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Hasty Words (7 of 12)

Mike Connell

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Now we've got to learn what to do when people are angry, especially people we live with. Some situations you can't get away from, but you don't have to put up with it. More than once I've told people to confront things, or told them to just stop, and just let God help them grow through it. Remember, there's no one answer to it all, but when your rights are in the hands of the Lord, you're then able to listen to Him, and able to work this issue out properly. It is an issue of rights.

Now some of you may be sitting on stuff that goes back years, and so a little thing happens, it just triggers off a huge storm. You've got unresolved issues you need to bring out into the open, need to actually get some help to get them out. We want to move on, so we're not caught up with this thing of personal rights, speaking angry words, and destroying. We want to be able to speak prophetic words, words of life, words that build, words that bless, words that impart to people and we don't want to be foolish, destroying the thing we're trying to build. You say Amen.

Father, we just thank you you are teaching us. We thank you Lord, we had never realised just the power of our words, the impact of our words. We've never realised Lord, the way our tongue just gets so out of control in so many ways, and we're saying Lord, help us to begin to start to rule our spirit, to rule our inner man, and to begin to express the life of the kingdom and be part of the answer, instead of expressing the life of the flesh, and intensifying the problems. Lord, I pray for every person here today that's heard the message, those who listen to it on the internet or listen to it through the CD, that Lord as they begin to start to think about their words and how they're speaking, that Lord they will sense Your hand upon them to expose these things, and to help them and give grace, give grace that we can begin to start to speak words that bring life. Give us grace to overcome injustice in our personal life. Give us grace, and help us Lord to let go the demand and right that life serve us, and to become wonderful ambassadors of heaven, that are able to serve and make a difference in life.

Father, I pray this church will grow, that members will grow, people will grow to a whole new level of maturity and ability to handle this issue of anger, to handle the issue of hasty words. Lord, in this next week or so begin to show it to us every time we get into that flow that we've been in and help us to stand up and come into a breakthrough in this area - and everyone said ... Amen!