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Hasty Words (7 of 12)

Mike Connell

See, so the Bible uses these illustrations of the horse and the ship, to get us to understand that what's coming out of your mouth is determining where your life and relationships and destiny go. I just cannot state it more passionately and clearly. What you are speaking is beginning to form your future, and what we've done over the last two or three weeks is, we've looked at some of the negative kinds of things we say, and the impact they have, because we saw that words are containers. You hear the words, but what they contain, their spirit content, leaves an impact, and an impression on you, and so that begins to shape everything around you.

We looked at lying words, and the impact of lying words. We looked at words which were words of gossip and slander, destroying people's reputations. We looked at the area of put down words, words which put people down, words which have a spirit content, a spirit of murder and death and when you've been exposed to put down words you feel belittled, diminished, crushed and withdrawn on the inside. Something has impacted you. What's impacted you is the spirit released when the words were spoken, and so a spirit of death and murder comes against you. You literally shut down. Words of life would lift you up, but words that put you down actually murder you. They destroy or take away your life, and I know talking with people, many many people here suddenly become aware that within their family background their whole upraising, or the way they've been raised was in an environment of put downs that destroyed and limited their potential, maybe because they were a girl, maybe because they were the youngest, maybe because they just didn't do so good in school. Some of you would have been in school, and would have had words belittling you because of the way you looked, some defect, some kind of thing you couldn't do, maybe it was a reading problem, maybe it was some other kind of thing. And what happened was you just get put down and belittled, and those words ring in your ears for years.

It's like they programme the inner man, and then we begin to operate and live our life out of it. Truly they have begun to shape our life. What happened we saw, was we get into agreement with those words, and once you've agreed with the words, I'm no good, I can't do anything - then now you begin to speak them, and you begin to start to actually reinforce what's been spoken over your life. Those kinds of words are cursings. They are cursings. They release a spiritual power that holds you down and restricts your potential. You wouldn't know how many times over the years I've sat and looked in the eyes of a person, began to talk about their potential, and speak about the impact of these words, to watch them just break down and weep, just literally weep as they felt the grief for the first time of what had happened.

Most just say oh, that's just our family, that's just me. You see, but we want to break out of that, so we've focussed on those. Last week we talked about empty words, words which have got no substance in them. The person's got no intention of keeping them, or that the words are just for show, or the words are designed to manipulate. We saw about empty words, now in all of these cases that the words, which could have brought life, actually bring death to people. I want to look at one last area of these negative words, then next time round we're going to begin to look at how God has designed us to move prophetically, how God has designed us to speak and alter spiritual atmosphere, alter even the course of our own life by the words we speak. We're going to look at about how we can begin to actually tap into God's creative ability to speak over our life, and over our family, and over our relationships, words that release the spirit of God and the angels of God to begin to work, instead of creating an environment for demons.

So we want to look at hasty words today, okay, hasty words, angry words - hasty words. [Laughs] Hasty, irritable, impatient, thoughtless, rash, spoken quickly without thinking about the consequences, see? Here's a verse in Proverbs 29, Verse 20. Do you see a man who is hasty with his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him. How about that? Now you're going to find there's an awful lot in the Bible. I'll cover some of it today. I just want to give enough that you get a handle on this, and also can deal with the root issue, but a person who is rash in their talking, they speak without thinking, they utter words without thinking, they flare up and speak out things they shouldn't be speaking, he says there's more hope for a fool than someone like that. In other words, if you want to work with someone, work with a fool, rather than work with someone who's angry and explosive, and they let outbursts of words go.