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Shane Willard

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So Jesus' head was anointed two days before He was crucified, the costly spikenard all running down His body. It was a sign that He was well, without sickness or defect. It would maintain the status in the inspections given by the priest, the Pharisees and the scribes, He was found without blemish, a perfect lamb of God fit for His scourging and crucifixion, taking the sins of the world upon Him in His innocence and redemptive purpose. So first anointing was on the feet six days before, second anointing was on the head two days before, and then they were sacrificed. The Passover lambs were sacrificed on Passover at exactly the ninth hour. Passover happens on this, Aviv 14. That's the month, that's the day okay, Aviv 14 at exactly the ninth hour, so at the ninth hour. Now according to the rabbis the ninth hour was the exact moment that Adam and Eve were created. Think about it. It says that on the sixth day they were created on the eve of the Sabbath. The Sabbath would have started at sundown so it says that they were created between the evenings. Well in Hebrew culture evening is what we would call afternoon, somewhere between 12 and six, and so what they believed was and what was past down orally was that Adam and Eve were created at exactly the ninth hour.

So every year on Passover they sacrificed the lambs at the exact moment and the anniversary that Adam and Eve were created, so the first Adam was created on the ninth hour; the second Adam was sacrificed on the ninth hour. There was a lot that went on at this ninth hour. Every day in Israel they would have an evening prayer. The evening prayer happened at exactly the ninth hour. They would go from three to four, the first 30 minutes in silence, the last 30 minutes in praise and thanksgiving. In the first 30 minutes they would begin to offer their prayer, after the evening sacrifice for our sins was made. This happened at exactly three o'clock. After the sacrifice was made the priest would go into the altar of incense and offer the prayers up as incense to the Father as the sweet smelling savour. This all happened at the ninth hour. This was all going on on the other side of the mountain at the same time Jesus was going through His. The Passover lambs were killed on Aviv 14. The number 14 is also very significant.

The rabbis break the Bible down into sections. Those sections are not books like we are used to. They break the Bible down into sections called [taldof. 00.27.11] A taldof is a record or a genealogy. That's a taldof. There were 13 taldofs in the Old Testament, 13 sections. What they believed was that whoever the 14th taldof was about, that would be the messiah. So there were 13 taldofs in the Old Testament. How does Matthew start his gospel? And this is the record of Jesus of Nazareth, the messiah, right. He's starting - he uses the word taldof. He's saying this is the 14th taldof. This is the One. This is the One - very interesting. They actually had a belief that was called the Doctrine of [ben David ben Joseph. 00.28.03] It just says that whoever messiah is has to be the son of David and the son of Joseph all at the same time. How many times in the New Testament do you hear people addressing Jesus, son of David, son of David have mercy on me? Here's how you write David in Hebrew. [unclear 00.28.21] It's how you write David in Hebrew.

Now every Hebrew letter is a picture, every Hebrew word's a comic strip. Also every Hebrew letter is a number. They don't have numbers in Hebrew. Every Hebrew letter is a number, it's like Roman numerals. So every name has a numeric value. Go and learn what this means: they will become an antichrist and his number will be 666. That's very common to them. Every Hebrew name has a number. [D 00.28.57] is four, vav is six, [D 00.29.01] is four, so the number of David is 14. So the 14th taldof was about the son of David who happened to be the Passover lamb killed on the 14th of Aviv. Matthew makes a point of this. At the end of his genealogy he says - remember he's talking to Jewish people. He says so you see there are three sets of 14; there are 14 generations between Adam and David, 14 between David and Babylon, 14 between Babylon and Christ. Now what's the three in Hebrew culture? The number of complete witness; two is a beginning witness, three is a sure witness, so he says so you see we have a sure witness of 14. We have three sets of 14. Well how would he have written that in Hebrew? He would have said we have a complete witness of David. We have a complete witness of David.