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Shane Willard

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Let me ask you this question. Where have we lost the big picture because of criticism and jealousy? These people were Jews. They knew that He was the Passover lamb. Some of them were His disciples. He was explaining this the whole time. They knew He was the Passover lamb. Hold on, they knew all this - six days before she's anointing His feet, two days before she's anointing His head, and they lost the big picture. Why? Because of their tendency to be critical and jealous and judgemental. So is there any place in your life that you're losing the big picture that God in store simply because of criticism, jealousy and judgementalness? What has Jesus' sacrifice rescued you from? Listen, it's very important. This is so important, one of the most important things I'll say. If you want to be a kingdom person you always have to remember what God has delivered you from. You always - if you ever lose sight of how much you've been forgiven, if you ever lose sight of how much grace you've been given, be it by God or other people or other people through God, God through other people, whatever it is if you ever lose sight of what God has delivered you from you will miss the kingdom of God.

I don't mean you'll miss heaven. I mean you'll miss His best on earth. You'll miss His best on earth. Let me ask you a question. Where would your life be today had God not touched your life? And if you ever lose sight of that - and we all need to think about that every day. Every year - in Deuteronomy 26 it talked about this. Every year when they gave their first fruits offering, it says they had to give their first fruits offering; they would lift it high in a basket, place it into the hands of their priest, but when they did that they had to proclaim in a loud voice my Father is a wandering Aramean. My Father's a wandering Aramean. In other words my Father is a homeless refugee slave. In other words I am wealthy now, but without God I would still be homeless. They reminded themselves all the time of what God had done with them. Why? Because if you ever lose that you'll look down on other people. Let me tell you a story that illustrates this well.

I'm hairy. [Laughter] I'm hairy. I'll just be very personal with you. If you saw me with my shirt off you would think my mum had a one night stand with an orang-utan. [Laughter] It looks like my mum shopped for men in a zoo. I don't know what happened. [Laughter] Honestly, I've had to confront her. I was like mum, what was my dad? Seriously, before God what was my dad? Be honest with me. I mean it's not like I'm Italian or something, but it's bad and I have a pretty hairy chest and quite a hairy [back 00.38.11] and then what started to happen was I started - guys, you'll know what I mean. Have you ever woke up in the morning and the night before there was nothing, then you look in the mirror and there's like a four inch hair coming off your shoulder [laughter] like somewhere over here? You know what I'm talking about? You're like that wasn't there last night.

Well this started happening and I started to get a patch of hair at the bottom of my back right here, and a little patch of hair at the top of my - the top right here. So it was awful looking, I mean it looked like with my shirt off it looked like I had an upside down Christmas tree coming up out of my pants right. [Laughter] I couldn't have that so one day I was at the hair cutters and I was wearing a t-shirt. The lady who cut my hair said oh Shane, please. I said what? She said you are too good looking for this, please. You've got hair on the top of your back that's showing out of the top of your t-shirt, and I said that is not the top of my back. That's the bottom of my neck. [Laughter] She said no, it's the top of your back. I said no, it's the bottom of my neck. She said no, it's the top of your back. Now if you're hairy you understand there's a huge difference between the top of your back and the bottom of your neck. [Laughter] She said Shane, please let me take care of that, please. Please me take care of it. I'll do it for free. I said well whatever, so I expected a bzzz-bzzz. The next thing I know this very warm sensation went across [laughter] my back. [Laughter, applause] And once it's on there ain't but one way to get it off. [Laughter] So she goes rip-rip [unclear 00.39.59] [Laughter]