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Hallowed in Secret, Manifested in Public (1 of 4)

Shane Willard

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Whatever you hallow in secret, You'll manifest in public. Jesus hallowed the name of His Father in secret; so therefore, in public He also manifested it.

In the First Century, when a ministry was judged (particularly prophetic ministry), the first judgement concerned whether or not it was delivered in the Disposition of Messiah. Was it delivered in a: compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding-in-love way.

Exodus 34:6-7 – “The Lord, the compassionate, gracious, slow-to-anger, abounding-in-love-and-forgiveness God.”

Psalm 103 - “Bless the Lord, o my soul, and all that is within me. Bless His Holy name; and forget not his benefits; who heals all of your diseases, and forgives all of your sins.... He's the compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love God - who does not treat you as your iniquities deserve, but gives you mercy that's new every morning.”

Disposition of Messiah - the compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love God.

Do you minister in the disposition of Messiah?

You can minister well - and be outside that.

In those days, you could give a prophetic word that was spot on; but if it was delivered in an un-compassionate, un-gracious, not-abounding-in-love way, then it was considered false prophecy - because first of all, it has to be delivered in the Disposition of Messiah.

The way to develop the Disposition of Messiah is to Hallow it in Secret, because what you hallow in secret you will manifest in public.

I grew up old-school, with Pentecostal-holiness. Like my grandmother is 87 now; and she's never cut her hair in her whole life - so she wears it all up in a bun! She's never worn slacks; she's never worn make up or jewellery – never. She still to this day gets saved five times a day, because every time you sin - God leaves.

I was then discipled in an independent, fundamental, pre-millennial Baptist school - which left me very confused about God. Those two people only agree on two things: how to be saved; and: everything's a sin! Everything!

Every Sunday I got saved, because every time you sinned, God left. I couldn't make it through a week without sinning right? So in 1981, the Pentecostal holiness salvation numbers were up - because I got saved every week, so that’s 52 salvations - right here with me! The Pentecostal-holiness church – you’d have a church with 80 people, with 5,000 salvations on the book - because people got saved all the time, it was that kind of system.

In the Baptist school however, you couldn't lose your salvation - but God would just get mad! So if you sinned in the Pentecostal church - God left; but if you sinned in the Baptist church - God got mad. He let you into heaven - but you get to spend eternity with a mad God!

So this is what my life looked like: I would get saved every Sunday; then on Monday we'd have chapel in the Baptist school - and you couldn't get ‘resaved’, but you could ‘rededicate your life’ - so I would rededicate my life.

On Wednesday we'd have chapel again, and I would rededicate my rededicated self; then on Friday I would rededicate my rededicated, rededicated self. Then on Sunday I'd get saved again - and pray to God He didn't come back on Tuesday or Thursday because I wanted to make it! Like that was bondage man! It was bondage!

I was messing with my grandmother once; I think it was her 81st or 82nd birthday. I was messing with her, and I said: granny, let's go get you made up - get you a good hair cut, some make up, some nice pants - just get you all dolled up?