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Mike Connell

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Now if we just finish with this, Jesus Himself several times demonstrated He's under authority. I'll just give them out to you just quickly like this. Number one, He was under the authority of His parents. His parents said Son, what are You doing? He said don't You understand, I've got to be here? They said no, we don't understand. You come with us - and it said He submitted Himself and He grew in wisdom and stature and favour with God [and man. 00.36.32] He put Himself under His parents authority when they misunderstood Him. The second place He put Himself under authority was with John the Baptist. Now John the Baptist message is there's a messiah coming. You know what Jesus did? He came and He got baptised by John, and John said listen, You should be doing this to me. He said no, I'm going to submit to you because this is the way I walk in righteousness. I'm coming under the anointed ministry of the time and submitting to the authority God gave you.

Almost everywhere you find it in the Bible; when Jesus was asked a question. Listen, do the sons have to pay taxes? No, they own everything, they don't have to pay taxes. He said that's right, we don't have to pay the tax - but so we don't create unnecessary offense we'll pay the tax. And He used His power then to bring miraculous provision to come under the authority of the government of His day, the Roman government. You'll find without exception Jesus had a huge understanding of authority and the need to be under authority in order to be able to function in the supernatural and bring God's kingdom into the earth. The devil's attempts were always go on, do your own thing. Just turn this into food, do this, do this, do this. Take a short cut. He said no, I know why I'm here. It's to bring honour to the Father - and He placed Himself continually under Father's authority.

Now we find it easy to do that with God perhaps, but when it comes to people we find it more difficult. The whole course on Under Cover is about understanding not only does God have authority, but He works that authority through people and every time you meet someone who carries authority, whether it be position or in their person life, you're starting to encounter the authority of God. It's not the man that's the issue; it's that you see beyond it to what God is doing. Listen, do you know someone in the New Testament who had a direct encounter with God? Paul. He had a direct encounter with God's authority. God just [unclear 00.38.24], off the horse. You know what God said to him straight after? He said I want you to go to this city and I want you to put yourself under the authority of Ananias, because when he prays for you you'll get healed. God immediately put him under delegated authority.

Now you can't go anywhere where you don't meet authority and every time you meet it your heart attitude towards God and His authority flushes immediately. Over this course I believe and I'm praying that in every part of the church where our attitudes and things aren't right, that it will surface for productive change. See? And you'll - sure, I know you'll be just like Peter. You'll be right in your own mind and own thinking, absolutely persuaded you're right. But I encourage everyone here to be open to let the Holy Ghost change our thinking, so we can position ourself to operate in power. You see if I teach you and we run seminars how to move in healing, how to move in deliverance, how to break curses, how to bring blessing, how to release this, how to release that; if we do all of that thing for you, if you do not position yourself right under God two things happen. One, the power flow doesn't operate right and two, you set yourself up for demonic attack and I don't want that. We want to grow to new levels.

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