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Mike Connell

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Someone else can have the keys. They have the authority to go there, I don't need to go there, it's not my business to have keys to everything. I don't need that, but there are some things I need keys for - my car. It's a horrible thing if you've got a car and no key, or you've lost the key. Healing needs keys to make it operate. Deliverance needs keys to make it operate. Prosperity needs keys to make it operate. Good marriages take keys to get it to operate. Good families take keys to get it to come right. See, wherever you are in life there are keys you need to make it work, to bring what God does into the earth because it's good. It's always good. You don't find any unhappy families in heaven, you find them on the earth. We're to bring the keys of why they're all happy in heaven into the earth. Come on, think about this. So He said I will give you the keys of the kingdom, so He said I'll give you keys and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound also in heaven.

So keys are the knowledge and the legal right to actually make things happen. I want to touch with you some keys. Now we need to understand our authority as a believer and you'll see how I'm going to connect this in a moment. You need to realise that as a believer God has already entrusted you some authority. Now what I like are credit cards. How many like credit cards? Credit cards can be terrible or they can be really good, see? I've got a couple. If you lose one - you know what I was fearful of when I lost one, when my wallet was stolen? I was concerned someone would use it illegally because there was an authority with the credit card to make certain things financial happen. So I had to immediately ensure no one could operate with my credit card unlawfully. Of course Jesus wants to entrust you a credit card too; it's called His name. In My name you shall do mighty works. He wants us to learn how to access heaven and do things in His name, see?

Now the devil does them unlawfully. The devil stole Adam's authority and does a lot of things unlawfully. You and I are the lawful ones to operate in the kingdom. We're the ones called to do things and to do them right, and so using keys of faith, faith gives us access to God, the name of Jesus; gives us ability to draw heaven's resources into the earth, but we have to be positioned for that to happen. Let me give you some things God gives you authority to do. Now the funny thing is you've all got authority to do this stuff, but whether you do it or not depends on whether you have the key of knowing how. See, so you have authority to bring the Holy Spirit into any place you go. You have authority to invite God's presence any place you are. You say well it's really oppressive there - well you've got the authority to invite the presence of God to come, change all of that.

Don't complain the place you work and live has got a bad atmosphere. Change it. You're called to change it. See, we are given authority to bless. Well of course we're used to that religious blessing. No, no, to bless means to speak creative, faith-filled, empowered words that bring changes in people's lives; release creative words over people, speak into their lives destiny to release peace that's tangible and changes. Let me give you an example. I had to do a funeral for a family member in the church and the mother was unsaved and committed suicide. That's about as bad you get and she'd cut her wrists in the bath. That's really bad - and so the funeral was held down at the crematorium. I went down there and I had two people from the church here, it might have been Bruce and Eileen. Anyway they came down to put a bit of music to try and - we needed to create some atmosphere, because I've got to do this funeral service for a suicide of an unsaved person in a crematorium. That's not a very nice place to be.