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Kingdom Authority (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Now don't start to suddenly oppose certain mentalities and attitudes. Just think of its role. Just think there you have a Prime Minister and you have a caucus, a governing group who consults together and has insights no one else has, and outwork it in governing a nation. That is what Jesus had in mind. He had in mind a people who would have intimate access to Him because they are family, and out of that intimate access to Him they would be able to bring forth His life into the world; healings, deliverance, provisions, creativity, community advancement, health advances, educational advances. He had that in mind. Why did He have that in mind? Because that's what God always had in mind, right from the beginning! Always a people to represent Him as His ambassadors in the earth. So when He's thinking of the church these are people who are called and invited to come into that. Now of course whether you come into that is another thing, but when you gave your life to Jesus Christ, called Him your saviour, you were then positioned to be raised up to intimacy of counsel with Him, and to be able to represent Him in your field of life. Think about that.

That's your call. That's what the church is about, and you notice the church is just the vehicle which has a purpose. I will build My church, I will give to you the keys of the kingdom. In other words He said it's all about My kingdom advancing into the nations, and so you need to have a kingdom mentality. Now Jesus said He'll build His church, so we don't have to worry about building the church. What we need to do is about advancing the kingdom, which means mentalities and attitudes and values. This is why having a value of excellence, having a value of serving, having a spirit of worship, having the anointing and presence, this is all the kingdom. People come in and it speaks for itself. Poverty always has a - it shouts out keep away, but excellence always, generosity always attracts and so we're called to advance the kingdom.

So you notice every believer is called a son of God or a child of God and an ambassador. You are an ambassador. You didn't choose to be, you were called to be. You are one anyway. You're either a good one or a poor one, just think about that one for a moment see. So every believer's called to intimacy with the Lord and then to discover purpose, and then corporately we begin to express the purpose in the community. So we need to belong to a local church so corporate our voice can come together to make a bigger difference corporately than we ever could individually, see? So God has something to do through you every day of the week, 24/7, and then corporately through us, see? And so through us you know this year, probably 40,000, 50,000 people will hear the gospel, be ministered to, be touched by who? By us. You say well I didn't do that. Oh yes you did, you were a part of it. It was what we did.

It's not what I do, it's not what someone else has done; it's what we have done. WE have done these things. WE touched hundreds of families this week. WE touched hundreds of lives last week, and next WE will touch thousands of lives. Miracles will flow and bring deliverance and heal all kinds of things - and WE will have done it. This is our business. Sons of the king, sons and daughters, called to represent God. Man, that's why prophets are always on about getting near to God, because God wants you to understand what He's like like we can represent Him better. Holiness is about cleaning up our lives so we become more like God wants us to be, so we can represent Him better. That's why we have things to clean up our lives. Okay, notice another thing He gave is revelation of kingdom authority. He says I will give you keys of the kingdom. A key is authority to access and to operate. A key gives you authority to access something and operate, so I don't have many keys and I don't really feel like I need them. I actually have no keys to anything except the front door. I like that.