The Father's Love (4 of 4)

天父的爱(4)The Father's Love (4 of 4)

Wed 4th Jan 2012 (Chinese/English) New Life Church, Taiwan

Jesus came to reveal God as a loving generous father, who loves us, welcomes us, wants to bless us. For many of us, relationships with authority figures, the opposite sex, marriage partner, and God are severely damaged by unresolved heart issues with our Mother and Father. Bitterness, Judgements, Inner Oath, all open up demonic bondage and consequences, because spiritual laws are broken. We can face these, change our response, and create a new future.
Keywords: abusive father, absent father, alcoholic parent, critical parent, controlling parent, angry, anger, bitter towards parent, consequences, renounce, cycle of abuse, bitter judgement, inner vow, dishonour parent, blessings, cursings, long life, spiritual law, injustice, forgive, repent, reaping