The Two Kingdoms (5 of 8)

两个王国 (5 of 8)The Two Kingdoms (5 of 8)

Wed 11 Sep 2013 (Chinese/English) Bread of Life Church, Taipei

Humans are very unique - not only living in the natural world, but can also connect to the spiritual world. Jesus came to tell us about the Kingdom of God, which is full of light, peace and joy; but there is another Kingdom which we are all born into - the Kingdom of Darkness - which rules by tormenting people, and using sin to control them. Jesus came to set us free, by shedding his blood on the Cross. When we accept what Christ has done for us, we need to continue and allow the Holy Spirit to change our thinking, by the renewing of our mind - that we would be kind, tender hearted and loving to one another, and set free in our hearts.
Audio Transcript
Tonight we’re going to pray for people to be set free of tormenting spirits. I’m sure many of you have come, and that’s what you’re wanting - a breakthrough in your life. Breakthroughs can be dramatic and sudden, or we breakthrough progressively.

So at the end of the meeting, we’re going to have an opportunity to pray for people. At the end of the meeting, any person who wishes prayer can make their way up and we will pray for you. We want to bless you. We want to help you. That’s the heart of God. He loves you and desires you help you. We’ll also extend an invitation tonight. If you’ve come here and you’re not a Christian, at the end of the meeting we’ll extend an invitation; an invitation for you to receive Jesus Christ, to become a follower of Jesus. So we’re going to share tonight about God’s goodness. We’re going to pray and minister to people; and then give you an opportunity to make a decision if you would like to receive Jesus Christ.

When we’re born into this life, we’re born separate from God. Every person that’s born into this world is separated from God by sin. The problem is not God’s; the problem is ours. God loves people; His heart is to help us all the time. The nature of God is loving; His heart is always towards us. His heart is towards you; but sin blinds us to what is real. We become self-centred, and we want to live our life without God. We violate God’s laws, and troubles and problems come into our life. God always desires to come in and to help you.

So we’re going to share a story from the Bible tonight; and I’ll mix it with some real life stories. We want to show you how you can be set free tonight. God always desires to help us, we just have to open our heart and be willing to let Him. The first step towards God is to become aware of our need. So when we’re born into this world, we lack a sense of purpose; we wonder why we’re here, we long to find some meaning in our life, and we find ourselves with problems we can’t solve. This is called sin - living a life without God. Jesus Christ came into this world to address the area of sin, and to make it possible for us to receive new life.

At the end of the meeting, when we pray for people, we’ll be praying for the power of God to touch people. We’ll be praying a deliverance prayer. A deliverance prayer is a prayer to release you from evil spirits. It’s a prayer to break areas of your life that have been in bondage, to set you free. Jesus said: “I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly”; but He said: “The devil has come to steal, kill and destroy.” So there are very real evil spirits. They seek to enter people’s lives, and to bring destruction.

Tonight, we want to challenge those spirits. Tonight, we want to confront them. We want them to know Jesus Christ is stronger than every evil spirit. So evil spirits seek to enter people’s lives, and they always do it by deception. The majority of times, people don’t know they have an evil spirit; and it continues to work in their life, creating problems for them. Jesus came to: confront evil spirits; to deal with the issues of sin which allow the demons in; and to reconnect us with God, so that the Spirit of God could come in us. No person is made to live with evil spirits. We’re made for the presence of God. We’re designed to bring heaven to earth.

So at the end of the meeting, we’ll have an opportunity for people who are struggling and tormented by evil spirits to be set free. I will tonight, preach on one area; but I encourage you to be open if you have a problem to come forward. When the anointing or power of the Spirit of God begins to flow, there comes a sudden change in the atmosphere. We can’t see God, because He’s a spirit; but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. His presence can be seen touching lives.

When the presence of God comes into a meeting, sometimes demonic spirits begin to manifest. When Jesus spoke in some meetings, demons began to cry out. So it’s possible that during the course of the meeting, before we get to the end, that demonic spirits may begin to manifest their presence. If they do, people may shake, cry, yell, or fall on the floor. Don’t be distracted by that. We will keep our focus on what God is doing.

Keywords: Breakthrough, Awareness, Connection, Spiritual, Light, Peace, Joy, Bitterness, Ingratitude, Judgements