Dream Killers & What to do About Them (5 of 7)

Dream Killers & What to do About Them (5 of 7)

Sun 31 Jul 2011


Complaining is the sign of a loser. You are losing because you can't see what the purpose of the difficulty is, and how it's not meant to destroy you, it's meant to help you grow. When you start complaining, you're dying and perishing and losing. You see if you complain, you're saying this; God, I don't trust you to use this for my good. God, I don't believe you'll help me. I'm just ticked off. God does not choose that outcome, you do. if you don't develop character, you'll never fulfil that thing God put in your heart.
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Proverbs 29, Verse 18; Where there is no revelation, where there's no prophetic insight or direction, the people perish. Or literally, people miss opportunities that come into their life, because they haven't got prophetic insight, or revelation from God, or a sense of God given purpose and direction. Every person has some kind of thing in their heart. Now you may not know what the dream is God put in your heart. It may be locked up because of various restrictions in your heart, fears, insecurities, doubts, wrong beliefs. All kinds of things can lock up the dreams, but I can tell you now, that God has put something in your heart for you to accomplish that has eternal benefit. It's very clear in Ephesians 2:10. It says we are His workmanship, created in Christ for good works, which God prepared before we were even born to walk in them.

So every person here, God's put something in your heart that you need to accomplish with your life. No one wants to end up their life and we've done nothing with it, or we've filled our life with trivia, so the dream you have or vision is your future. If you have no dream you're drifting like a boat in a storm with no kind of rudder, so all of us need to have a dream, or have some kind of focus and direction and be able to articulate it and be moving our life consciously towards it. Now you can have all kinds of dreams of course, and you can dream of a great cruise on a ship. I dream about that a bit, I like those kinds of things, so dream on a ship. You could have a cruise, or you might be dreaming about a new job and that would be nice, get a promotion and do something better, a bigger wage. You might be dreaming of setting up a business, so everyone's got some kinds of things and if you will keep your dream in focus and work, gradually your dream will come about, because what you hold in your heart, you'll move your life towards.

So there's all kinds of dreams. There's dreams of a new house. Some people dream about a new house, some dream of living in Havelock, all kinds of dreams people have. But most of those dreams are about your personal fulfilment. The world's motivation style is all about personal fulfilment, but we have something greater than that. We're called to the kingdom of God, and so there are dreams which I would say are in your heart, they're wired into you and they can be great, they can be little, they can be small, they can be insignificant, and many of them are just about your personal fulfilment. They're about well, I enjoy this; I might have a dream of getting a boat and going fishing. I think having a boat and going fishing's a wonderful dream, I think it's an absolutely wonderful dream - but it's mainly about personal fulfilment. God wants to lift everything we do so we have something that's got a bigger bigness about it. See, God doesn't want you to be small. He's a big God with a big kingdom. He doesn't want us small, so therefore God puts into our hearts what I call God given dreams, and God given dreams are not about your personal fulfilment. They're about destiny fulfilment. It's a different thing.

Most of the people I meet primarily are concerned about their personal fulfilment. What they don't understand is when you link with God and begin to discover the dream God has for you, it'll shift you to destiny. Your whole life will be fulfilled in a different way, and the eternal benefits will be immense. So here's the thing - when God gives you a dream, I can tell you two things that'll always be a part of it. Here's one of them. One of them, it'll always be about the kingdom of God, and the calls of Christ being advanced, always. If your dream hasn't got that anywhere in it, well it's primarily your personal fulfilment. That's okay. Good for you, do it - but there's something greater that all of us can live for, and that's the dream that our life could count eternally and significantly, by advancing the cause of Christ in the earth. Now there's multiple ways it can be done; through business, it can be done through the media, it can be done through teaching, it can be done through education, government. There's many ways to advance the cause of Christ, many callings, many different ways, but at the core of it every one of it is this: number one is it's about advancing Christ's kingdom and His cause, and seeing people changed.

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