The Making of a King (4 of 5)

The Making of a King (4 of 5)

Sun 2nd Mar 2008 PM

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Audio Transcript
The Making of a King (4 of 5) Mike Connell 02.03.2008 pm

Amen. It's great when God enlarges us isn't it aye? It's always good to be enlarged and we're in a season now where God is enlarging us. Enlargement has two forms; it's external, you grow, things change, things increase, things get bigger. Business grows, your influence grows, you get promoted. Now those are the external things, but always external enlargement is preceded by internal change. So right now whether you're young or whether you're old, God is calling you to be willing to change on the inside. I want to just pick up that story of David and we've been looking at the seasons in David's life. We've been following through the theme the Making of a King, and I want to just share tonight related to that. I want to just stop and look at an incident in David's life and I want to just tonight talk about courage to continue, courage to continue.

So we're going to go back where we started. We're going to start the same place each time because if I keep repeating the scripture you'll find you remember it. In Acts 13, so let's go back into Acts 13 and this is what the Bible says concerning David. Now this is God's commending him. It's not like someone wrote this about him. It says in verse 22 I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all of My will. So we see the first characteristic that made David the man he was was he had a heart that longed to know God intimately; God, what do You like? What do You delight in? What is in Your heart? What are the things that You think about? And so he pursued God. He was a man of intimacy with God, a man who pursued God and if David could do it we can do it too.

David, when he had time alone when he was just a young person up to the age of 17, established in those 17 years a track record of reaching out and connecting with God. He made the pursuit of God his personal priority. Now I know many of you young ones, you're doing courses at school, all of those kinds of things and they're all really helpful for you, but listen. The pursuit of God will carry you through to your destiny. There is nothing you can learn at school that will actually take you to the God-given destiny. The only way that you can reach your God-given destiny is if you connect with the one who created you, develop intimacy with Him. Intimacy takes time. It's time spent praying, time spent pouring your heart out, it's time spent reading the word. It's not found in a meeting; it's found at home alone, and then when you come into a meeting you find already before anyone else has even started your heart is arising to connect with God.

You've practiced it, and one of the things you find when you begin to practice engaging the presence of God at home, it becomes like a track built into your inner man and it becomes easier and easier and easier to just suddenly lock in and engage the presence of God. But if you've never made it a habit, if you've never made it a habit to pour out your heart and begin to learn how to reach into the heart of God; if you never do that when you're young you find it gets more and more difficult as you get older. You have much more stuff has got into your life, so David, when he was a young man pursued God. The second thing we saw in this scripture here is He said I know David, he's a man after My heart who will do all My will. So David was a man who not only sought what God wanted, he actually was happy to do what God wants. So in verse 36 David, after he'd served his own generation by the will of God, fell asleep. So the second thing we see about David, not only was he a man passionate to know God intimately, he didn't just spend a lot of time praying.