Sonship Series

Sonship Series

Sonship and Eternal Purpose (1 of 4) Sonship is not gendered.

When he talks about sons, he's talking about representatives who rule over the family business.

When he's talking about a bride, he's talking about someone who is very beautiful, and attractive, that he has a love relationship with.

When he talks about temple, he's talking about a dwelling, and that he comes and fills all of it with his presence.

There are many different ways that God expresses himself, so when we talk sonship, we are talking male and female.

3 R's of Sonship (2 of 4) Relationship. He said: "that this is eternal life - that they may know you". Relationship means having a personal relational connection with God as your father.

Responsibility. He said: "I have finished the work you gave me to do". To finish a job means you were responsible. You did what you were called to do.

Representation - to be a representative. He said: "I have manifested your name". It means to reveal who you are.

Sons Are Builders (3 of 4) 1) God, as a father, initiates the plan of building a family, building a house, that He can come and dwell in.

2) He speaks into the hearts of sons who love him, in relationship with him, to become builders, and to work with them in that building.

3) He brings revelation of the pattern of how to build, so you will build according to what He wants, the way He wants, motivated by love, not by self-centeredness.

4) God will supply and provide everything you need to build.

5) He will fill it with his presence.

Sons are Led by The Spirit (4 of 4) Israel was led in the wilderness, by the manifest presence of God; but Jesus was led by the spirit. This is better, so we can all disperse throughout the world.

The spirit is gentle. We are not driven. We make our own decisions, and take responsibility for them.

If you are led by the spirit, He's going to lead you into maturity. He going to want you to grow up!

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