Gateways for Demonic Spirits (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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Another particular one that is referred to specifically, is the area of anal sex or sodomy. That is specifically referred to as an abomination to the Lord, and yet you'll find that there'll be some couples will practice sodomy in their marriage. You need to understand that God forbids this practice. It's unclean, it's a shameful practice associated with homosexuals, and it's not part - it's got no place in a Christian marriage, none whatsoever. If any of you are aware, if it's happening in your life, or happening in your situation, or you come across it, a woman needs to be free from any sense she needs to submit to her husband over this specific issue. The area of oral sex is not stated specifically in the Bible, so therefore we have to be careful what we say about something the Bible doesn't say anything about. The two general principles you use are one, that it's natural and doesn't violate natural law and two, that it doesn't violate the conscience of the person.

The area of prostitution isn't referred to in the Bible as being evil. Sexual molesting or rape, fantasy, incest, bestiality and adultery, all of these are referred to as creating major problems. Now here's an interesting thing, that all of those sins carried a death penalty. Get that - capital punishment. Capital punishment. Now we wrestle with capital punishment, even multiple murders, but capital punishment. Now I've looked at that, and thought about it, and I've come to the conclusion that since the law of God doesn't pass away, that wherever people are involved with that, they open the way for spirits of death to come around them. That means they become isolated, and disconnected, and shut down or numbed out emotionally, through these kinds of experiences in various degrees.

So lets just carry on and then we'll finish the list, then we'll take a break. Rejection is another area. If you're looking and dealing with a person's life, you'll find very often they have suffered deep rejection. In 2 Samuel 6, Verse 16, Michal, Saul's daughter, was deeply rejected by her father, and she becomes very bitter. In the day that should have been a day of celebration for her, she in fact was in great grief, and really reactionary against her husband, because there was bitterness against men in her heart, so bitterness comes out of being deeply rejected. You notice also that rejection - let me just make this clear - rejection is an experience people have, where they're not wanted, or they perceive they're not wanted. Rejection is an emotional trauma or pain that people experience, so it's an emotional trauma. Rejection is also a spirit that torments people, and rejection is also a belief, or a judgement formed in the heart, that no one's going to want me.

So when you're dealing with rejection you have to be aware of each of those aspects; is there a demonic spirit involved? Is there a judgement, and a bitter expectancy, that I'll be rejected? Is there some painful experience I need to face, and forgive the people involved? Of course there's a whole number of ways the spirit of rejection will come around people. When people have got rejection in their life, usually there's a deep mind set that they're unacceptable, they fear rejection, and they tend to reject themselves. So where does it come? Very simply, rejection in the womb, child's unwanted, unwanted pregnancy, or perhaps there was an attempt at abortion. I've noticed this, when there's been attempted abortion and the child survives, they will not bond with their mother. They actually won't breastfeed, they won't bond with their mother, they're called 'problem' children because, in their heart, they know already this woman tried to murder me. That's why you get the lack of bonding.

The contemporary culture tends to pass off a lie, this is not a person in the womb. Now if a woman believes this is not a person, the next step is to be able to get rid of it quite easily. The reality is, it is a person, and what we have found is that, in ministering to people who've had an abortion, we have found one of the things that's very crucial, is first to acknowledge that this is actually I've tried to, or attempted to, or have successfully destroyed a life, an eternal spirit being. That's the first thing to acknowledge. The second thing is to forgive the people that have been involved, including forgiving yourself, usually the man involved and the people who were involved as well. The third thing is, we've found it really helpful to ask the person to listen to their heart, and let God show them whether their child was a boy or a girl. Now at that point, it's like I've watched a person move from being almost unemotional, then suddenly when God showed them, this was a boy, it's now no longer a thing. The revelation is there, this is a real person, and often they break and weep quite deeply. You can cast out spirits of murder and abortion and death and so on, so it's a very, very powerful area.