Gateways for Demonic Spirits (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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Many times we've found that people have been deeply healed as they've seen the child in the Lord's hands, and they've realised that God has forgiven them, and they're free now to move on. It's a very, very powerful thing - so attempted abortion. A child is an unwanted female; in many places fathers expected the child to be a boy, and it's a girl, and the child feels rejected, and often strives to be - they become male-like and competitive. Early childhood experiences can lead to rejection, a child who's got some learning difficulties, a child who's got some physical co-ordination difficulties, can be very, very simple experiences they have. A family breaks up, that is a huge trauma for a child, and often that trauma leaves a child feeling deeply rejected and to blame. Family relational conflict or breakdown, emotional coldness or hardness or blocks in the family, the child interprets it as being rejected; unfavourable comparisons where one parent's continually why aren't you like your brother, why aren't you like your sister, why can't you do this? The child feels rejected. They are not like their brother and sister, they are them, so many times parents can create huge problems of rejection in a child by comparison.

Divorce or broken relationships; this creates a problem. A child interprets it through a child's eyes, and thinks they're to blame, and feels rejected. School experiences can create huge rejection, as well as - another thing that creates deep rejection in people is the experiences of broken relationship, where there was quite a deep intimacy, and then it breaks up. This is a huge issue that the person feels rejected, and often struggles with spirits of rejection. Another one, related to that which we'll touch on next, are when there's controlling relationships. When there's controlling relationships, the one who's under control always carries a spirit of rejection, always. Why? Because their needs, their longings, their desires, their person-hood was rejected by the controller, who just wanted to impose their will on them.

Okay, so there's a whole range of things there. Number six, controlling relationships, we just referred to those. Whenever there are controlling relationships, one person is imposing their will on another. Now we're not talking about Godly control, or management of a child, where you need to restrain them for their own safety. We're talking now ungodly control where one imposes their will, their wishes, their desires, and there's no hearing, or there's no connection to the heart, or who the person is, and what they want to do. The person is dominated. They can be dominated by verbal violence, by physical violence, by sexual violence, by emotional violence, whatever it is, the person's dominated or controlled by the other person. There's a deep root of rejection takes place, so control brings rejection and trauma, and usually deep fear into the person's life. When you are working with people, do look at the issue of trauma, particularly those associated with a controlling relationship, so when a person is under a controlling relationship, they lose all confidence, they have no sense of identity established, and demonic spirits come around and continually work against them: spirits of hate, spirits of witchcraft, spirits of rejection.

A seventh area or gateway of demons is this, it's trauma and accidents, or sustained stress. When a person goes through a trauma, if it's a physical trauma and you hit a person or they can be cut and bleed, but if it's an emotional trauma there's a bleeding within, in the sense the soul is impacted and shattered. We'll talk a bit more about dealing with that a little later - then what happens is, evil spirits use trauma as a gateway in. I was praying for a woman just a little while ago, and she had pains right through her hand and her wrist, and she couldn't move her hand properly. I said what's happened? She said I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I said what happened? She said well they did the best they could, but I'm left numbed out, and I can't move my hand properly, so what I did was pray, and in Jesus' name, I break the soul tie, or bonding in connection to the trauma, and command the spirit of trauma and infirmity to go. The moment I did that, her hand freed up, and she started to feel again, and she started to have full use of it.

So she was soul tied to the traumatic experience, we broke that, and then commanded the spirit that was in her through that effect to go out, and immediately she was set free, immediately she's set free. So just be aware that if a person has a traumatic experience, one, that they are soul tied to it; two, that they have often extremely painful memories and pictures around it, and three, that there are spirits often have entered in to create a problem. Spirits of infirmity are the ones I've found most commonly associated with a traumatic experience. Another woman had had a car accident, she had pains right through her body, and we broke the spirit of trauma off her life, cut the soul tie to the experience, and she began to actually shake, as she started to remember it. Then the whole thing left her, and her back was healed and she was completely free straight away.