Gateways for Demonic Spirits (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

So in the area of occult involvement, the person has an agreement with an evil spirit. When you talk with anyone who has an agreement with an evil spirit, they must actually recognise what they've done, and renounce the agreement. To renounce means to speak words to cancel something, so wherever there's been an agreement with an idol, with a spirit of divination, any kind of demonic spirit, the person must renounce what they have done; in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I renounce every agreement I have made, every word that I have entered into agreement, I cancel it, every covenant I've made through sacrifice, I renounce and cancel it. The person needs to cancel, speak words to break what they have done, and renounce and speak off their life what they've done. Sometimes children when they're young, are dedicated to idols and so the child had no choice in it, they were dedicated to an idol, or dedicated to a temple. We would bring children in and dedicate them to the Lord. People dedicate them to the idol.

Now when a parent dedicates their child to an idol, or a temple, it gives a legal ground for the spirit to enter the child's life, because the parent is the legal guardian, so we have prayed for many people, and they were demonised from childhood because they were dedicated to an idol, a temple, or some false god. In the same way then, we should realise that infant dedication or child dedication in the church is a powerful spiritual transaction. It's not just a nice little thing you do in church. The reality is, you are invoking someone to come upon your child, you're calling for God to move, as you dedicate your child to Him. In the same way, the demonic realm recognises and seeks to gain the children, so there's always a battle for the minds and hearts of the children. Now just before we get off the occult involvement one, there are some other areas that you need to be aware of.

One area that's becoming an increasing problem now, is the area of role play fantasy games, and the internet, and this is becoming a huge issue. I was up in Singapore, and God spoke to me about this, and I had a young man come up for prayer. He was addicted to playing a role playing game called the World of Warcraft, and he played in that game a sorcerer. The deal was, he would get on the internet and he would go and begin to compete, and he would take on and use his powers that he had on the internet to destroy his enemies and grow in power until he become bigger and more powerful. So this is the nature of that thing, they all compete with one another. Now what happened was, because of imagination, he opened his life up to the demonic spirit, and it now entered his life and he'd become addicted to the game, and his whole identity started to change as he started to get more and more addicted to the game.

So when we recognised that, I said you will need to renounce the game, and to renounce the identity that you took on in that game, so he told me what the game was and the identity of the sorcerer, and I led him in a prayer to acknowledge Christ as his Lord, acknowledge ownership by Christ and then to renounce in Jesus' name, I renounce all playing of this game. I renounce all escaping from real life into this fantasy world, because that's what the root of the problem was. I renounce this identity, which is a false identity, which I took on, and he named it. The moment he did the demon manifested on his face, he fell on the ground, and there was a full manifestation of that spirit. Now this shocked the students. This is a student in a Bible College, so while he's given his life, and sacrificed to come and learn how to serve God, in his private life, he's engaging the occult realm, but didn't know it.

Now what happened then was we had more than 200 students come up, and there was a massive flow of deliverance, young Asian students addicted to these online games, becoming a growing problem in the next generation. It's deceptive. People don't understand what lies behind it. They think it's just harmless game playing. Now don't go in a big reaction, and then forbid all game playing. There's a discernment needed as to what kinds of things would actually become a problem, and I think that any game which is of a role playing nature, that also includes the occult, will eventually lead to the person opening their life, and being in agreement with, a demonic power. So rather than legalism, some wisdom and some management and boundaries are needed around that area, and if you've - because what you find is, often the behaviour of the children starts to change because of the occult and the violence in the games, it starts to affect them. What's happened is they've opened their life to a demon.