Gateways for Demonic Spirits (3 of 5)

Mike Connell

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Another area of demonic oppression or doorways or gateways is ungodly beliefs. Satan is the father of lies. When you believe a lie, whether you have good reason to or not, you'll find that it'll open up and bring demonic spirits in. Now ungodly beliefs are always, or almost inevitably associated with, some painful experience, so a child growing up, well we've never got enough money. Perhaps the parents were going through financial difficulty, and the child learns we're poor, and there's never enough for me. So a child who gets a belief in their heart, there's not enough for me, it doesn't matter how much they have, you know what they'll believe? There's still not enough for me. They're often then driven to work hard, they can't find rest in their soul. Why? Because no matter how much they have, there's not enough for me, is the message that's played in the heart.

So an ungodly belief, is a belief of the heart that's not true. It's actually a lie, but it operates and drives the person's life. Ungodly beliefs, when we can identify them, usually are attached to some painful experience. We need to let Jesus come, and bring healing to that experience, and we need to break or renounce the agreement with the lie, and start to meditate and build the truth in our life.

Curses are another source of demonic spirits coming in. These are a consequence of breaking the laws of God. They can be word curses, or curses by authority figures. They could be self cursing where people speak words, negative words over themselves. Sometimes even there's witchcraft cursing, where particularly we've found people go into foreign lands, if they're not aware of the demonic realm, they can become subject to witchcraft cursing, and demonic spirits there. So again, if there is a curse, there's always a reason for it, and we need to track the reason, renounce it, cancel it, and release forgiveness, and believe God for freedom.

The last one I'll just mention to you here, is transference. Spirits can transfer. There are a whole number of ways they can transfer. They can transfer through soul ties. I've even known one person to get demonised watching a movie - had a woman ring me up one night. I said: what's the problem because it was quite late, said what's the problem? She said: something has happened to me. I said what's happened? She said: my husband made me look at a pornographic movie. I said what happened? She said: I suddenly felt someone, something come into my eyes. I said: how did it affect you? She said I feel numbed out, and I feel like I'm a piece of meat. I said: watching this thing, you've opened yourself to a demonic spirit. I said: I think it's a spirit of death, and so we broke the soul tie attaching her to this experience, we commanded the spirit of death to come out, and immediately she felt something leave her, just over the phone.

So certain movies, or things full of lust and violence, can open the door for spirits. Alcohol and drugs can do the same thing, touching dead bodies. I've known people to actually get demonised by touching a dead body, hoarding occult objects, and sometimes there are some things associated with culture as well. So these are some of the doorways that demons use. It helps if you are aware of them. I've known some people group them into two groups, some people group them into four groups. There's a whole lot of ways of looking at it, so some people deal with it as being either - if you deal it with four - there's a couple called - his name is Chester Kylstra I think it is, and they categorise all of these doorways in four groups; one, generational; two, sin patterns; three, trauma; and four, ungodly beliefs. They've found that's a helpful way of just thinking about the whole area of grouping these demonic doorways. Demonic doorways are opened through generational, through sin, through trauma, and through ungodly beliefs, so they deal with it like that.

Virkler runs a course called "Prayers That Heal the Heart", and they look at it - he handles it a little bit differently. He just looks at it straight from the heart condition, starting off with the generational curses, then the soul ties, the bitter expectancies or judgements that form in the heart, inner vows that form, sin patterns, and then the demonic spirits. Sargin and Jessie run a brilliant course on this, and it's extremely helpful. If you were thinking about going through a course I'd recommend that course for you to do, so that's another way of doing it. Other people deal with it just straight as legal rights, and trauma, and deal with it in two things, what are all the legal rights, and what are the trauma or painful experiences. So the general agreement around almost everyone who's operating around the deliverance area, is that the area of legal rights, and painful experiences, and the impacts they have in your heart, with reactions in the heart, these seem to be the things that create the doorways for demons to come in.