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Identifying Your Spiritual Territory (2 of 6)

Mike Connell

I remember counselling one man, and there was a major control and witchcraft operating in his marriage, and this was the thing that I counselled him. I said, whatever is in your marriage, you have allowed to be there, and so it's not whether there's something operating in your wife that's the problem. The real problem is you have not stood up and embraced what God called you to take responsibility for. You need to repent of your failure, step up inside, take responsibility, embrace your wife and the responsible leadership in your heart, then begin to pray as if you are in a role of leadership, and it will produce some results. Whew - very quiet now isn't it aye? [Laughter] So if you've absconded or given up responsibility or abdicated, then your territory will be over run, and you have only yourself - you can pray all you like. Until you own up and take responsibility for what God called you to be responsible for, that's why you've got to know what you're responsible for. I'm not responsible for other's decisions, but I am responsible for how I deal with them and interact with them.

Here's the second thing is, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to help us. See, whatever territory God has given you, He can give you the ideas of what you need to do. Jesus said: I'm doing all the things I see the Father do, Holy Spirit constantly spoke with Him, so ask the Holy Ghost for wisdom what to do: Holy Ghost, I don't know what to do, help me. Just show me, drop it in my heart something that I can do to help in this situation. Thirdly, develop a vision. Look and work out a picture of what's possible in that area. I think without any kind of imagination about what it could be, or envisaging what it could be, we won't properly cultivate that territory, so begin to picture what it could be. Get ideas, write some things down. Your territory's unique to you, your neighbourhood's unique to you, wherever you are is unique to you. Ask the Holy Ghost to give you some ideas about what you could do, start to write them down, start to think of the things that you could do. The goals will focus your attention and give your prayers substance, and your faith something to work with.

A fourth thing you can do is to learn - and we'll show you more of this - is arise in your spirit, and begin to use your voice to speak into the spirit world. Now there's two areas we need to speak; one is whatever spirits occupy your territory that oppose you, just speak and subdue them, and we'll show you how to do it. The second thing is, we need to learn how to release the word of God over the territory we're in. Now this is one of the most powerful things. I don't want us to get focussed on demons, although we were going to touch on them quite a lot more tomorrow. What you need to do is, suppose this is all my territory here, and I've got this ground to cultivate, and God opens my eyes and I see: oh my goodness, the whole of my territory is full of wicked spirits. Look at that, everywhere. They're just all looking and glaring at me. Okay then, now there's two things I need to do.

I should not be focussed on the spirits. I just need to dispossess them, and put into this territory what God wants me to put in, so it always has two things to it. One is, I need to address the spirits and drive them out and two, I need to declare God's word over my situation, and this is what's called building in the spirit, taking the word of God. Remember that God created this whole world by speaking. Christians continually forget the power of speaking the word of God, but tonight when I got you all to speak strongly: bless the Lord, O my soul, everything within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul. Don't forget any of His benefits. See - something happens in the atmosphere. We release the word of God. Now you'll find all the miracles in the Bible someone spoke, just over and over and over and over again we'll see. I'll show you the pattern. There's revelation comes, in other words you get the mind of God. You speak out with faith in your heart, and things begin to happen.

Now one of the most neglected areas in our Christian or spiritual walk is this area of arising with authority and commanding our day, commanding demonic assignments to be diminished, and commanding or release the word of God into our circumstances and environment. It is the most powerful way to shift things. I guarantee if you start to do it, things will shift around your life. It's like most Christians pray and hope that somehow their prayers will be answered, hope that somehow God will come through, instead of standing up and saying: I'm seeded in heavenly places in Christ, and I speak now and drive every spirit out of that place, and I release the word of God into my situation! You have to do that day by day, start to take dominion over your day, and I'll show you how to pray, and we'll give you some keys on how you would pray, and what you would do. I tell you, things will change around you. It won't always be pleasant at the beginning. Demons don't always leave easily, and they often create a fuss before they depart, but they will depart.