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Identifying Your Spiritual Territory (2 of 6)

Mike Connell

This time what we're going to do is, we're going to pray again, and I want you to pray as loudly as you can, give voice to your tongues, and I want you just to shake your body, make your body be obedient, because our body just wants to sleep and it wants to eat, and it doesn't want to do stuff. Our spirit always wants to pray. Our flesh, which is our body and our soul, just resists it. So what I want you to do, I want you to shake your body as if you were making your body just come into alignment, because inside your spirit is rising up to pray, and speak out in this heavenly language! So let's do it now, and I want you to as strongly as you can, and notice what happens in terms of the flow of energy in the room and in your personal body as you do this. Ready? About 30 seconds - one, two, three. [Prays in tongues]

Okay, just stop now. Alright, now what change did you notice that time? How many noticed a change, you just - okay, what did you notice? More vibrations, yeah, you're right, yeah, okay. Yeah? More freedom? More freedom, you found freedom. Now isn't it interesting, how many found more freedom that time as you were praying? Now all I got you to do, it's the silliest of things really, was just shake your body, to get your body to do what your spirit wants to do, express strongly. We have to understand that our body resists our spirit, and so you have to take dominion. One of the first places to get dominion is over just your own body, and you need to learn how to discipline your body. So I've found one of the simplest things is just shake your body, and make it wake up, just make it WAKE UP! Learn to command your body. Just speak to your body from your spirit.

So you'll find, that if you will arise in your spirit and develop your spirit life, your body and your soul will respond, and then you'll find there's a lot of energy inside you. It's spiritual energy. It's not just a natural thing. What I was doing with getting the shaking, was to get you just to make your body do what it needs to do, just to yield up, and be involved and engaged in praying, okay? Now the other thing to do is get your soul involved in that as well, so we're going to get body and stuff. So what we're going to do is first of all we'll just get your body involved again. The Bible says: clap your hands all you people, shout unto God with a voice of? [Triumph.] Triumph all you people, so I want you just for a moment now, just close your eyes and get your soul, start to get your soul - now the way you get your soul in line, you see your soul is connected to your spirit, and your soul is connected to your body.

So your soul and body form the flesh; your soul and spirit form the inner man, and our soul has to be renewed, so what I want you to do is just to focus your mind and your thoughts on this. We're going to focus our thoughts. We're going to go back in 2000 years of history, going to go right back to the day that Jesus rose from the grave, and there it is, I can stand, I can see with my imagination, I can see that mighty rock that's in front of the tomb. I see the Roman soldiers there, but there's something is happening in that tomb. The spirit of God has entered into Jesus, and the rock rolls away, and Jesus rises victorious! Come on, let's clap and shout to him [Shouts and applause] and give him the shout of victory! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Halleluiah! [Prays in tongues] Wonderful Jesus! Thank You Lord.

Now what did you find that time? [Joy.] Tremendous joy isn't it? So how was that time different to the time before? It came from something that rose up from inside as we actually engaged our mind with spiritual truth, and your spirit - if you'll engage your mind with spiritual truth and picture it, imagine it and give yourself to it, your spirit will immediately arise inside. So your spirit will respond to your body; your spirit will respond to your soul, so we've got to bring our body and our soul into agreement with where we want to go, otherwise they resist the flow of the spirit. So it's quite simple, I just learn to shake my body, make it wake up, and did you realise that Samson shook himself to activate the anointing? How about that? He just physically shook himself, and the power of God would come on him. Isn't that something? Elijah used some music, and we get the gift of... tongues. See, we activate the anointing and the flow of the Holy Spirit just praying in tongues, isn't that right? Okay then.

Now I want you to find a bit of space, and this is what I'd like you to do. I'd like you to just walk up and down and start to move, just pace a little. Just pace, pace in a bit of an area, and begin to focus on praying in tongues strongly. Come on, let's just do it. [Prays in tongues] Okay, let's just stop. Alright, now first of all what did you experience, what happened? See, some things may be positive, some things may be negative. You may find that your mind and your soul argues with you - I don't want to do it, why do you make me do it, I don't want to do this, just sit down, teach some more. You get into an argument going on inside of yourself. That is all the flesh coming against the spirit, so when you walked, how many found that the energy flowed more easily, just as you were walking as you prayed? It is, because if you sit down too long your spirit begins to shut down, because your body's inactive, so you'll find if you get your body moving it will actually free yourself up, and your spirit flows more easily. It's a very, very simple thing, but people just overlook the simple things.