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Identifying Your Spiritual Territory (2 of 6)

Mike Connell

Alright, just stop right now. Okay, now how do you sense the atmosphere now? What are you experiencing now? What are you finding has happened? How many feel a real sense of God being very close to you? How many can feel that right now? How many felt like you'd like to break into song? [Laughs] Great isn't it? You just feel like there's a song is rising up, He is Lord, you know? You just want to honour Him. See, now that's a different flow again isn't it? That's just worshipping, so we enjoy His presence. Now you notice we deliberately didn't have musicians here. Musicians are wonderful. They're a great help, but what I've wanted to do is to get you to see what's possible for you to do because most of the time you don't have a musician, it's just you. But you can do things, you can make your body, command your body. You can command your body to wake up and stop being so resistant and stubborn and tired. You can command your soul, and focus your soul, where your soul begins to engage God instead of feeling sorry for himself, and your spirit can arise and we feel the presence of God very quickly.

As you feel His presence you reach out and just love on Him, reaching out to just enjoy Him, find natural language and find the language of the spirit, just to honour Him and value Him or speak tenderly to Him. You can feel His presence here very strongly - so this is about the first person, the first realm you have to assert your authority is over yourself, over your body which plays hard and difficult at times, over your soul which is very self-centred and sorry for itself and self-directed. If we can take dominion and begin to cause our soul to flow towards God and cause our body to respond and yield and co-operate, we can begin to enjoy the presence of God. We feel His presence very easily. Of course when you feel His presence then the anointing begins to flow, so it's not hard now. I just need a catcher around me now - if I was just to lay hands now, just hold her, oh! Presence of God just touch her Lord, let Your anointing fall upon her right now. There's a presence here, the presence of God.

Now you and I are called to bring this presence wherever we go, but you've got to practice it on your own first of all, until it's natural for you to be able to just engage and feel the presence of God. Now some of us may have blocks. For some it'll be a lot easier than others; some may have blocks. Those blocks - we'll touch on those tomorrow and we'll look at how to deal with some of those things and how to break through some of those things. Amen. Give someone a hug and we'll go into Session Two.


I want you to open up then on Page 4, and second session, and we're looking at identifying your spiritual territory. This is very important for you because it's important to know what God has entrusted me with, and what's my territory is mine, and we'll look at some things in this. So the first one, 2.1, every believer has the privilege of moving supernaturally. Not all do, but we do have the privilege. Notice what it says in 1 Corinthians 12, Verse 7: But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man, or each one, for the profit of all. So how many people is God willing to give a manifestation of His spirit to? Every person. So notice - is given to every person. So it's written as a reality. This is a spiritual reality: the presence of God, or the manifestation of the spirit of God, is given to every man, so no one is left outside.

So notice it's not something I have to do to work up, it's something that's given to me. I just need to learn how to receive, so every believer is given the privilege of bringing the supernatural dimension of God into the earth. Every believer, not just some - so is that for me? Well your experience may not be that, but why don't we start with what the word of God says, and see if we can believe that our experience would come up, rather than dropping the word of God down to our experience. So every believer is given something to advance the kingdom of God. Every believer is called to bring the life of God to other people, everyone, everyone. It's our opportunity to do that, and so to do that we need to learn how to. We'll perhaps touch on some of that tomorrow, how to just flow with the Holy Spirit and release the anointing of the spirit of God to touch people.

But the first thing we want to establish is, every believer has the potential to flow in the supernatural, and bring the realm of the spirit of God or the realm of heaven into the earth, every believer. Imagine if every believer in every church, when they went into the community, wherever they live, started to pray and act in a way that brought the presence of God there. That would have to make a difference. It would have to make a difference. The trouble is that we just don't do it, we just get busy and overlook it. So the first thing then is every believer can bring something of heaven into the earth. We can bring the reality of God into wherever we are - that's every believer's privilege. Second thing is that every believer has a spiritual territory. I'll use the word territory, but we will look at the original language and see there's particular words they use, but we'll just call it territory because it's something that's easy to remember.