How to Exercise Spiritual Authority (3 of 6)

Mike Connell

So I saw the reality of it. I taught people how to pray in their workplace, the same thing; to speak, take authority over troubling spirits, command the spirit to go, command peace to come into the place, productivity to increase, relationships to change, and the atmosphere has shifted. Now remember you can't just sort of do it by remote. This has got to be your metron, not someone else's. You have the right to do it. I've got many to pray into their workplace, and things have shifted in their workplace; one, because they started to arise in their spirit, and stop acting like a victim, and release the presence of God and subdue demons; secondly, they turned up with a different attitude, and the combination brought a tremendous shift and a change. We have to understand, this is really important stuff. We are called for dominion like this. We're called to bring the kingdom of heaven into the earth, and to do that you've got to confront the spirits that are there, and then release by words of faith blessing, specific blessing into your household, into your family, into your workplace, into your neighbourhood, into wherever you go.

We can do that. We're authorised to do that, and so you can pray over your marriage. I had one man, and I coached him how to pray. He stood up and he stood as the head of his home, repented for his failure to lead, and asked God to forgive him, and re-establish him in his positioning as the head of the home. Day after day he spoke in the spirit, broke the power of control that was operating, and within a very short time issues in the marriage came right out into the open. They had to work on it. There was deliverance and healing, and there was a shift took place in the dynamics in the marriage. His wife became much more secure and the whole marriage started to shift and change. These are realities. I could give you story after story after story where people have done it. Now is it easy? No, it isn't, because the moment you step up and start to push back the spirit world, it fights back at you, and your initial response may be it gets worse rather than better.

If it gets worse, then you can say yay - we're into the scrap! [Laughter] I've only got to hang on and it'll get better. That's the thing, you've got to be able to do that. You've got to hold your ground, and not give ground. In other words, perseverance is a crucial part of shifting spiritual atmosphere. Now sometimes it shifts really quickly, sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't shift very quickly, it's because something's been established for a long time, and you've just got to hold your ground and be a bit gutsy and not quit. If you just stick with it, you'll find stuff will happen, it'll shift and change. We're authorised to do this you realise. Wherever you go, you're authorised to bring the presence of God, but most of us think only in terms of talking to people, and don't consider the possibility that I could just stand and just in a few moments of time, thank You Lord, I just invite Your presence to come into this room right now. Lord, just begin to fill this room with Your presence, let Your anointing just come over everyone right now - begin to feel the peace of God.

I just begin to put my spirit right over the whole room, and the peace of God will start to come, see? Feel it. He can fill a whole room. This is amazing stuff isn't it? [Laughter] [Yes.] See, I mean I need to actually get more proactive at this, because I often find that even though I know it, I'm not always diligent in holding it out and continuing to operate in this. So in other words, can you pray from another place and have a result, alright? [Yes.] We'll give you a couple of examples. The first obvious example is found in the Bible where the woman came to Jesus, and immediately after she reached out to Him, her daughter in another place was delivered, same with the centurions. Say only the word and be fixed. okay, now I have gone in prayer at one particular time, and someone over the other side of the world got healed right at that exact time, so I do not believe in the realm of the spirit there is any such thing as - there's no limitations of the physical world.

What you do then is this: first you begin to pray and stir your spirit, so get your spirit wound up and stirred up and energised so you're alive on the inside and your mind becomes clear, so you can hear the voice of God. Then you stand in your positioning before the Lord, looking for how to pray or ask Him to - just look for Him. He may give you directions, He may not. If He does, then follow them, if He doesn't, then you know what to do. So then what I would do from that place being near Him, I'd just begin to imagine the person, the situation and I'd speak as if I was standing right in that room - in Jesus' name right now, in Jesus' name I take authority, I forbid the operation of those spirits. I release the presence of God into that place. I release this, this, this, this, this - and now what happens is eventually you'll have some things happen. There will be things happen. You can do this, but you've got to be persistent in it.