How to Exercise Spiritual Authority (3 of 6)

Mike Connell

Now you notice we haven't done a lot. What we have done is just stirred what we do have. We have the word, we have the Holy Spirit, we must deploy what God has given us. Just open your eyes and heart to the Lord and just [blows once gently] receive from Him right now - and so we're in a place you could just pray for - why don't you pray for one another? That'd be a great thing to do right now, just pray for one another right now. Just pray. Just release the blessing of God, okay but make sure you've got someone to catch. Just try that right now. That's right. [Background chat] No catcher? Put a chair right behind her and she can sit in the chair. [Background chat] [Blows once gently] Spirit of God come, Holy Ghost come. Alright. [Laughs] Wonderful. [Background chat] Alright then, do you want to just - just come here, just take his hand. Are you ready? Okay, now close your eyes, and I want you just to begin to imagine that God is as close to me, as I am to you right now. The presence of God is here, so don't try and make something happen, just become aware God is here. Now we're going to release what God has given you - [Blows once gently] there we are, just like that. See and he begins to feel the presence of God, see? It's not empty words. It's words that are full of a heart, so you get your heart focussed first, otherwise you'll try to say something and do something and nothing happens. Alright then?

Okay then, let's just take a seat now. We'll come back to that one later on. Great stuff. How many feel wide awake now? [Laughs] You do, you get wide awake. You just become wide awake. Remember, you can pray any time, that's the gift God's given you. You can speak the word of God any time, and you can develop your heart, your meditation in the word of God, any time you wish. These are great. They're simple, we can do it any time. So here's the thing - you determine how much you grow and develop your inner man. Okay, we want to look on how to exercise spiritual authority. We went yesterday and we looked at spiritual authority and what it was, and we saw also about God has called us to go on a mission, everyone's got assignment from God. We saw also how we have a territory that we're responsible for. We saw about governing our territory; if we fail to govern then what happens is something else sits in there, and that's why many people are oppressed, because they've failed to govern their territory.

Okay then, so what we want to do this time - and we finished up with how governing your spiritual territory meant you had to hold it in your heart. I can't overemphasise how important it is to hold what God has given you in your heart. If anything takes it out of your heart, your ability to spiritually assert authority over it seems to diminish, so we need to hold in our heart what God has given us. We saw also we needed to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and seek direction, how and what He wants us to do. Thirdly, we saw in our metron, or our area of territory, we needed to begin to get vision, or get some kind of direction, and layout some kind of steps for what we wanted to build, then use our voice to speak. This is the area that I want to focus a bit more on this time, is learning how to arise in your spirit, and to speak into your territory. This is a very, very important part - and then finally of course, things are not just spiritual, they're also natural. Whatever territory God has given you, you've got to be engaged in and active in it, so for example - we'll go into this session this time, and we want to look at how you exercise spiritual authority. Then I'll give you some examples of it at the end, firstly from personal testimony, and then just some ways that you could do this.

The problem of writing down prayers is they tend to become mechanical. They can help, but they tend to become mechanical. I've always felt if you can get the dynamics sorted out, it's not hard to get a flow, which you grow in your own life. We'll give you some practical keys. Alright then, so we read in Luke, Chapter 4, Jesus was in a synagogue, and a man manifested an evil spirit. Of course everyone was astonished because the evil spirit was yelling out through the man. We've got to imagine in a nice quiet church service how disruptive that is; someone's yelling out LEAVE US ALONE! You know, you can imagine all the people looking around, and all eyes are on this man, and he's crazy in that sense. He's sort of doing something unpredictable, but a demon is manifesting, and so the Bible says he yelled out: What have we to do with You, Jesus of Nazareth? We know who You are. You're the Holy one of God - so this guy's yelling and ranting. He's manifesting a spirit, and what happened was - and I've seen this kind of thing happen on many different times. I was in a meeting in Singapore and I just started talking and a lady cleaner came into the room at the top and started yelling, holding a broom up and waving a broom, yelling why you come here? Why you do this to me? I'm thinking - and everyone's sort of looking, what's going on here? But actually it was just a spirit manifesting.