How to Exercise Spiritual Authority (3 of 6)

Mike Connell

Remember if this is say, a family member, and it's in their home, and they are responsible for their own lives, you cannot overrule them or override their free will. What you can do, is contain spiritual operations, and release or lawfully invite the spirit of God into that place, to do the work. They still have to respond, and usually I've found from the moment when you start praying until when you get something shifting, it can vary, but it'll often take time for God to set up the changes in their life that are needed, so we are called to intercede. We're called also to assert dominion, so just because I speak doesn't bring it all about. What I'm doing is I'm acting as a representative of heaven, to allow something to happen. Now because you are family, and connected to family, you can speak into family, because you can stand and put the cross of Christ between you and your family, hereditary background. You can command demons to shut down, to stop operating. You can release God's presence to work, and it does have effect on people.

I remember praying for one person. Apparently - I went through a hard time, because it felt like I was just getting nowhere, and then [laughs] they just - about three weeks later, they came up to me, and they just [laughs] said: I've been tormented for three weeks, I have to come and talk, and I didn't know from the day I started, it shifted. I just wasn't aware of it, because I saw nothing outward initially, so you have to persist, you know? Yeah, but you certainly can pray from a distance. But mostly the places we would want to operate is where we are physically present, where it's obviously where we have room to move.

Yes, sorry, yes? [Question] If you're a widow, you're the head of the home. [Yes, so that does mean...] In fact actually husband and wife, because they're one, God sees them as one, however God gives a status, or a standing in the spirit world to the husband, so when they stand together as a couple of course that's the best place to be. But I was only really trying to make the point about the particular role - but for a widow, well a widow, you have everything that is your home, is your realm, so now - it's the same for a single person of course. A single person, it's their realm. If a child is living in the home of parents, then the parents are the head of the home, so therefore they've got limited authority what they can do there. You've got to then know what God said you could do.

I know one girl, and she had been delivered from a demonic spirit, went home to her home. She said what do I do? We've got a big altar in our home. I said: well that's your parent's decision, not yours. Don't go in there and speak against them, or criticise them. Go into the home as a carrier of heaven to that home, so I said: first start with your own room. Dedicate your own room to the Lord, invite the presence of God into your own room. Then as you walk through the house, every time you see the idol, just speak to it, and make a decree. I said to her: pray in tongues, speak to it. Jesus shall increase, Sai-Baba shall decrease. Just say it - so she did that, and within a year when I came back Sai-Baba had decreased. They'd shifted out of their flat, they got a smaller flat, and they couldn't have the big altar, so the altar was gone, there was just a picture. She did it - I told her again, said how's Sai-Baba? Not doing to good. So I said well, keep doing it, so she did it next year. The picture had fallen down, they now had a little wee picture. [Laughter] He was diminishing. He was just diminishing. [Laughter]

You have to understand the power of decrees, tremendous power to speak as a representative of heaven, and to declare things, and to call things into being. Now when it involves other people, you've got to give them free will to make their decisions, and let God work this out in His own timing and rate. Our role is just to speak as His representative.