Let the Kings Arise (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

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So I want to open some things on this. I want you to keep as you're thinking about this that Jesus is the King of Kings. He's about to demonstrate His authority in nature and He's got in training a bunch of junior kings. I want you to see some specific lessons that we can draw out of this. It says here even had come. Now in the Bible, in Bible times the day began at the evening, so when we get up in the morning, say it's a new day, but for the Hebrew culture the new day begins in the evenings. Six o'clock at night is the beginning of the next day, so it's evening and daylight make up the day, the evening first, then the daylight. So you notice this, you read that verse there it's very clear He's talking about a new day, a new opportunity, so when evening had come it's the end of one day, the beginning of another. It's the beginning of a new and a fresh day. God is always doing new things, completely new things and fresh things and kings don't live in yesterday's things. They live in the new things that God is doing, so we see that Jesus at this point, it's a new day. I don't know whether you're aware of it but there is a new season in the earth at this time. There is a new day dawning for the church of Jesus Christ, a day when miracles are in the marketplace, a day of the church invading society in a way it's never done before.

When I've been up to Taiwan earlier this year we had 80 pop stars and media people. I've never been in any church anywhere in the world where they have penetrated the culture, the pop culture and had one so many people in the media to Christ, it's a new day. It's a day for new things to happen and every day we arise it's an opportunity for something new, so new day here speaks of a new beginning.

Now God is about to move and do something different. You and I need to be aware that what God did 10 or 15 years ago is not what He's doing now. We're in a new phase, a new season of God's work, of God's work in nations, so the first thing is even had come as the beginning of a new day meaning that every new day you need something fresh from God. One of the dilemmas that many Christians have is living out of the experience of last year or the year before, or even a decade ago or even a childhood experience of God. We need fresh experiences of God for the new seasons that we're in, fresh revelation from Him. Notice what it says, Verse 35; Then He said to them. So the first thing we see is that kings receive prophetic revelation. It's a new day and Jesus' got new things to say. Jesus spoke to them. Notice there He spoke to them; don't live in last year's experience. What is God speaking now?

God is speaking a whole number of things to His church globally right now about kingdom, about world missions or global missions, about Israel, about the supernatural, many things God's saying. Notice Jesus spoke to them. There was something He had to say. You have to position yourself to hear it. If you go back up to Verse 34, when they were alone He said all things with His disciples. In other words the crowd didn't hear what He was up to. It was the disciples who spent time alone. Are you building time alone with God to hear what He is saying for this season you're in in your life?

We've been a ministry for many years, but right now for us I feel that God wants to speak new things and fresh things. We want to spend out next season seeking Him for fresh things that He wants to do - can't live off yesterday's experience. It isn't enough. We need new things for the new day. We're living in a generation which is open to the supernatural in a way unprecedented. We need to be experiencing as individual believers and as a church a new dimension of God. It comes through the prophetic word. It comes by hearing God speak. It comes by you positioning yourself to let God speak to you.