Let the Kings Arise (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

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I take dominion. I declare no assignment against me shall prosper today. Every weapon that's formed, no weapon formed against me shall prosper; no relational weapon, no financial weapon, no spiritual weapon, no emotional weapon, none shall prosper today! I walk in the blessing of God today. You've got to learn to arise like a king and speak like a king because you ARE a king. See? We are kings waiting to rise up. That's why I share this message, when Jesus heard of the storm He arose. Let the kings arise and begin to exercise their kingship and start to speak in the spirit and shape their world according to the word of God!

There's so many believers undermine their world constantly, living and talking like a victim, speaking negatively, speaking and complaining. The people of Israel in the wilderness complained so much and the Lord said to them what you said, it'll come to pass. But Joshua said we're well able to go up and take these giants - God is with us. He said that's how a king speaks. You'll go in and possess the land and I'll make sure you get there.

You've got to learn to speak like a king, to think like a king, to frame your world like a king would frame his world, hearing the voice of God, desiring to expand your territory, letting go of what people think and letting go of circumstances to step out and to do new things and rising when the voice of God comes and speaking into it like a king. If storms come speak into them. Something happens, rise up and speak. Don't talk to people about your problem - talk to the problem. Don't complain to someone how tough it is. Get near God and get His perspective and decree it over your problem. Make the circumstances of your life yield to the invisible realm of eternity.

The Bible says all these things are a light affliction and they work for us a great weight of glory while we look not at the seen things which are temporal, but at the unseen things which are eternal. What does that look like? Very simple. You keep your eyes fixed on what God is saying. If God said to get there, well that storm's not going to stop me! If the boat sinks it doesn't mean I'm not going to get there. I will get there because God has sent me there! If you're thinking about you have a destiny, a core of things to accomplish in your life, you don't have to be afraid of death. Why? Because God will keep me 'til I fulfil my assignment. It's a perspective about life. It's a whole king's way of thinking about life. I've yet to accomplish many things. I can't die tomorrow or the day after; there's things for me to do. So I need to declare like a king and speak over my life and over the areas God's held me responsible for what God is saying.

Father, we just thank you today. There are many kings waiting to rise up today. There are men and women here today who have your seed in them, who've received your spirit and have a royal seed. There's royalty in waiting oh God. Father, I pray that in today and in the weeks ahead that the voice of Your spirit will stir that kingly seed to stand up and to begin to start to walk like a king and think like a king and speak like a king and act like a king and create a different realm around them, just like a king would.

Perhaps just while we're finishing here in the last few moments, if you're here today and you're not a Christian, don't know Jesus Christ, then a great day for you to come to Jesus today. Jesus said this; whoever received Him and believed on Him, He gave power to be a child of God. Notice that - a child of God, born into a royal family. You may be complaining about your background, where you've come from and what happened, all that kind of stuff. Listen, I've got news for you. When you get born again you come into a new family, get a new start, get a divine DNA put into your spirit and soul. You become different. But you have to make a decision. God says He's chosen you. Will you just say yes, I'm responding?