Let the Kings Arise (2 of 4)

Mike Connell

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In the story of Mary and Martha, Mary positioned herself and she heard directly first hand from the Lord. How many of us are positioning ourself to hear first hand from the Lord? Kings receive prophetic revelation. If you're going to be a king serving under Jesus Christ, we need to be hearing from Him what does He want me to do? What does He want for this next season of my life? What adjustments do I need to make? What fresh vision does He want to put in my heart so I'm not living day to day; I'm living out of an anticipation, an expectation of new things God is about to do.

As a church we're about to launch into Pakistan. This is a completely new day. We're about to launch into the whole area of media and being able to impact multitudes, millions of people through media. This is a new day. God is saying new things. It's not just the latest thing we dreamed up. This is something God is speaking about, is a door opening up into the Muslim world in a way that has never happened before. Wherever I've gone in the Muslim world Jesus is appearing to people. People are supernaturally encountering Him, but nevertheless the church must arise and let the gospel go into these places. It's a new day! It's a new day! It's a new day!

It's a day of global harvest. It's a day of ordinary believers arising with the supernatural power of God operating in their life. Don't say it's not for me. It is for you, but you've got to position yourself so you're in the flow of revelation, hearing from God, capturing His heart. It's a day I believe when God is raising up fathers and mothers to nurture a generation that's fatherless. This is a great day. It's a great day for us! It's a great day if we can position ourself and be hearing how God wants us to respond.

There's men and women in here, God wants you to catch your heart for the next generation and invest time and energy and finance in working with them and raising them up. So it's a new day. Notice here that while they were alone Jesus spoke to them. You don't get to hear from God usually when you're out with a crowd. You get to hear from God when you're alone. Notice the second thing is - the first thing is kings receive prophetic direction, prophetic insight, prophetic revelation. If you're going to serve God and advance His kingdom you need to be hearing Him, because you need to hear Him for that workplace. You need to hear Him for your family. You need to hear Him for your business, need to hear Him for the school. You need to hear what God has to say because what is doesn't necessarily mean it's got to stay that way. God says it can be different.

Now second thing is kings dream of enlarging their territory. Most kings have got something in mind. They want to govern the territory well, they also want to enlarge it, want it to grow wealthy, want their subjects to grow wealthy. They want the territory to increase. They want to grow and expand it, so Jesus was continually thinking how to take new territory. Jesus was a visionary. His vision at the end of it was go take the gospel into every nation of the earth! I don't hear Him saying sit and look after yourself. I don't hear Him say sit in a cosy place just concerned about yourself and your children. I don't hear Him saying that. I hear Him saying go into all the nations of the earth!

When we first talked about Pakistan they wanted to raise their eyes and say isn't that risky? Yes, but starting the church in Jerusalem was very risky too. Come on, it's a day when God is causing people to arise with a sense of challenge. If you're in business how can you advance the gospel through your business? You're not there just to survive. You're there to prosper and do well and release resources and get a heart for mission, see God moving. So you notice here His words to them. Here's what they got. Let's cross over to the other side. I want to draw two things about that; the first thing is the other side. The other side meant the other side of the lake. There was a realm of territory of the Gadarenes that Jesus wanted to enter. It was governed by demonic powers. The people were shut down. In fact the very first person they met was the most demonised man in the region, real scary, maniac lunatic but the heart of God was we've got to go to new territories. I know we're having revival. I know we're having great meetings. I know people are getting blessed. I know people are getting touched - but there's territories have never heard the gospel and I want to go to those places. Let's cross over to the other side. Let's go to where we haven't been before. Let's not rest and be comfortable. That's the heart of Jesus.