Kings Dream (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

Summary Notes

· Gen 37:1-10 Joseph dreamed a dream!
· Dreams and visions are the language of the Holy Spirit
· God reveals His plans and purposes through dreams and visions – pictures of the future and possibilities
· Act 2:17 In the last days will be outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Visions and dreams – all flesh – divine bucket list

Destined to be fruitful:
Gen 30:2-24 God has taken away my reproach
· Joseph = OT3130 = He will add to me
· Prophetic destiny to add to be productive and fruitful
· All believers are called to be productive and fruitful
· John 15:16 Chose you to bear fruit. ‘I chose you to bring forth fruit’. He chose us
· Fruit = overflow of a life draws upon the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. The overflow of abiding in Christ and His life coming forth

3. Kings Dream:
· Eph 3:20 God is able to do abundantly more than we ask or think
· We must explore the realm of possibilities and not accept what is. We are born into a Royal family, Identity
· Kings dream of extending the kingdom
· Gen 37:5 Now Joseph had a dream
· Dream – supernatural influence, inspiration into his life
· God communicates in dreams and visions, trances, inspired thoughts
· Eg Abraham, Jabez, Joseph
· Must position self to dream and to see
· Alone/quiet/focus/meditate
· Dream of: Dominion, Influence, Significant and influential life
· The Word of God came to him and formed a dream of the future, a blueprint

4. Kings Declare their Dreams:
· Gen 37:5,9,10 Joseph told his brothers, father
· He didn’t understand it all but spoke and declared the Word of God
· Power of the tongue – must learn to speak forth dreams
· Your words shape the spiritual atmosphere create room for the invisible to become visible
· Declaring the word of God over your life shapes and frames your future
· It is a daily declaration
· Declaring his dream triggered the events that fulfilled the dream

5. Kings Prepare:
· Ecc 5:3 A dream comes trough much activity
· Dreams don’t come about by just dreaming – speak – order life
· Ps 105:19 Until the time his (dream) came the Word of the Lord
- there is a timing for dreams to manifest
- We must cooperate and play our part in fulfillment
- Faith without works is dead

Joseph Preparation:
i. He grew in capacity:
· Gen 37:2-5 Joseph served in the Palace – and
· Gen 37:20-22 Joseph served in Prison – and prospered
· God makes it clear that if we meditate in the word we will prosper Joshua 1:8
· He developed skill and capacity in different environments

ii. He grew in Character:
· Gen 45:4-8 Do not be grieved – God sent me!
· Gen 50:19-21 I will provide
Hatred betrayal ingratitude rejection
Injustice delay bitter words temptation

Joseph developed:
Grace wisdom generosity
Strength faith

iii. He grew in Faith – held onto the Word of God:
Gen 49:22-24 Fruitful bough by a well
Archers – bitter words, hate, injustice
Bow = mouth Arrows = words spoken
Arms of hands made strong by God Almighty