Kings Dream (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

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It doesn't end there. It ends when God has fulfilled His word in my life and when the time came the word of the Lord was fulfilled, but before that it was always something - this is how the word of God tries you. You see it, but then everything in front of you is different. Then what you've got in there starts to come up. He showed great faith. Finally he grew in faith, he held onto the word of God. Genesis 49 tells us Joseph - now this is the blessing of Joseph. This is what was on his life. Joseph is a fruitful bough, planted by a well. Ha ha! Now we begin to discover how he could do it. He had a well of life that came out of relationship with the spirit of God, whose branches go over the wall. In other words he was always reaching to be bigger, could never be contained. It says the archers shot at him and sorely wounded him but his strength remained. It says his arms remained strong and his bow was strong. In other words he could shoot words too but he didn't shoot bitter words, he shot words of faith, words of blessing. In the midst of adversity his strength remained because God strengthened him.

God helped him when everything around him was bad to hold the vision, to speak it until his words that he spoke, his bow was strong. No matter what anyone did to him his confession was strong, his testimony was strong. He fired words out knowing those words will not return empty. I shall arise! I shall come into dominion! I shall come to the truth! I shall come out in the calling of God! I will ARISE to fulfil the destiny! His bow was strong. That's your bow, your mouth; the words, the arrows. Got to find the strength to praise God and declare God's word instead of filling your mouth with negatives and complaints and difficulties and obstacles and whatever, like they did in the wilderness and fell there.

So the time came and Joseph came out and what a generous man he was. Well brothers, I know you betrayed me, I know you sold me out and I know you're feeling bad he said. Listen, don't feel bad. It wasn't you. I see now the hand of God shaping a king and I'm going to tell you something. God has positioned me to provide for you.

That's what kings do. Kings dream. Kings declare. Kings prepare and then kings are generous. Are you a king? Well you are, but will you live up to who you are or below who you are? Will you live like a servant who's not enough and always complains and has no dream? Or will you live as a king, begin to dream, begin to declare, begin to prepare and begin to generously give? You have to choose.

Father God, we thank you that in this house are many kings in the making. We thank you Lord that that anointing, that royal anointing of the Holy Ghost, that anointing that was on Jesus who is called King of Kings, Lord we thank you that anointing has come upon us calling us to arise and to learn how to walk as royalty in the earth today. God, we declare oh God, kings in the house are arising. Today we thank you that just as Ian and Kay are emerging globally kings hidden in the house over many years, we thank you today that there are hidden in the house other kings, other kings who will emerge and arise in these coming days to take the gospel in the mighty power of God to our community, to our nation, to nations of the earth. We thank you that there are kings in the business field, kings in education, kings in the marketplace, kings arising in the midst Lord. We hear the shout of our king in our midst. Arise and shine for light is calm and the glory of the Lord is rising upon you! Lord, we rise to that sound in Jesus' mighty name and we declare YOU reign, YOU reign oh God.

Come on, let's stand to our feet. Let's begin to sing that song, you reign over all the earth. Make it the declaration because you and I are united with Him and if He reigns we reign with Him.