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Kings Dream (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

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So God wants us to have that and interesting thing about the thing about kings is that God has called kings to be fruitful. God calls every person not only to be a king but to be a fruitful and productive king, so when you look at the beginning of Joseph in Genesis 30, Verses 22 to 24; When Rachael, his mother, conceived and bore him forth she said I'm going to give him a name. I'm going to call him Joseph. Why? Two reasons; one is God has removed by reproach and two, he will add to me. So the very same thing applies to us. Joseph had a destiny inscribed at his birth in his very name and it was that the reproach was taken away, the reproach of being unproductive and unfruitful was taken away and through this son there will be much added.

This is exactly the same when you got born again. When you were born again as a Christian God put His spirit in. Then the reproach of Adam failing, sinning and falling, of a king living in defeat is broken and now God has a king emerging into the earth in you who is called to be fruitful. Jesus said in John 15, He said you've not chosen me. I chose you to bring forth fruit and fruit that remains. It remains through remaining in Him, so we're called to be fruitful and overflow of a life that comes connected with God.

Most believers do not accomplish or fulfil their potential and one of the reasons is a lack of vision and dream to accomplish something with your life. The other is a lack of connecting to the source, the one who can empower you to fulfil that dream. You know that we focus and talk so often about spirit life, the life of the spirit. Why? Because there is a dimension of God life unless you are connected to Him and stay connected and the life is flowing, you can't produce the fruit of heaven in your life.

You'll hear us in the church talk about restoration retreats and freedom retreats and things like that. It's not just something we do. It's to unlock baggage and the bondage so kings can dream and connect and begin to fulfil their destiny! It's not just something you go to. It's a part of you owning I have a destiny as a king to accomplish something and I need to be free of the baggage! I don't understand why people stay in a Holy Ghost church like this and still don't open up their heart to let their lives be sorted out. It's a total paradox really. It's quite strange - don't understand it at all. However...

Around the world people hunger for it everywhere we go. Lyn goes out; people draw by the crowds to get what she has. Ian goes out; people draw by the crowds to get what he has. I go out; people draw by the crowds to get it. Celebrities come to get it, businessmen come to get it. They see something that can unlock the dream in their life, set them on a course to serve God and be free. So here's the thing - kings dream. Kings have dreams. Do you have dreams? What are your dreams? What have you written down about your future? What are the hopes? What are the aspirations? If you haven't done don't be condemned. There'll be some reasons for it and in these coming weeks we'll hope to unlock it so that you begin to start to reach out and dream.

If all your dreams have been dashed and you've lost any hope of dreaming, we want to see in these coming weeks if you would break out of that and begin to dare to dream again, then begin to start to talk about your dream. But kings dream. Kings dream! God is able to do more exceedingly abundantly than we ask or think or ask or dream. In other words God has got much more for us but we have to position ourself before Him, asking, pursuing and then allowing Him to change how we think. You keep thinking the same thoughts, you'll live the same life!