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Foundations for Freedom (2 of 8)

Mike Connell

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So, don’t think about having to perform, and fix people. When you think: “I’ve got to fix you up”, then you are the rescuer, they are the victim; and you have to play Jesus to them, and if nothing happens, you’ll feel very bad. Next thing, you feel you’re the victim. “God, why are you not doing this?” That’s a problem - you all know that. So, it’s important that you get right alignment for power to flow. I always direct the person’s attention to the Lord, away from me, so we are working with the Holy Spirit to administer freedom; and you’ll find the flow of anointing comes much more easily.

“Ok. Come? You know you want to be prayed for. That’s right. So, just stand there. How’re you doing? Alright? Praise the Lord.” So, in working with the person now, I need to realise I cannot rescue her. I cannot fix her, and it’s not my job. It helps if you realise that. I’m here to represent Christ. I’m here to bring Christ to her; and help her come to Christ. So, my ministry is about bringing her to the one who can rescue her. So if I keep thinking “I’ve got to fix her”, I’m under pressure now to get the right answers. But if I’m just a minister, to bring God to her, and her to the Lord, I can just relax; and ministry always flows best when you are at rest inside. The dove doesn’t rest where there’s agitation. So, if you are at rest inside, the anointing flows easily. Ok.

So I’ll just take her hand, touch her like this. “Now, I want you to close your eyes, and I want you to look up to the Lord, just expecting Him to touch you, expecting His presence to come on you.” So, I’m in a place now, I’m just directing her towards the Lord. Now, I can just reach out to the Lord too. “Thank you Lord for Your presence.” So, when you’re reaching out to the Lord, what do you do? What I do is, I just begin to picture Him standing there; and He’s very close to me, and I just fix my eyes upon Him. Jesus said: “What I see the Father doing, that’s what I do.” So ministry flows easily that way. Connect the person to the Lord, you connect to the Lord, and then it’s like it just flows. [Whoosh] Holy Spirit just come. Very easy, and it’ll flow very easily.

Now, we haven’t gotten into deliverance yet; I just want to show you about positioning people for ministry. So when we’re preparing a person, we’re preparing their heart to reach out to Jesus for their miracle. You’re taking it away from: I fix you up; to: this is your problem, and I’m working with you to find God’s solution. Is that clear? Then that keeps a lot of pressure off you and it keeps everyone’s thinking right. It has something you’ll notice, that when the person’s heart is prepared and right, you literally can feel the Spirit of God come on them. When the person’s heart is not right, or there’s something missing, it’s like the Holy Spirit stays away. Notice that. Notice it.

“Just come. We’ll just see if we can do this over here. Can I take your hand? You don’t have to do anything. Just close your eyes. I want you to just open your heart to the Lord, like you’re opening up doors to let Him in.” What I’m looking for now, is just for the presence of God touching her. Every time I do this, I can feel how open a person is to the Lord. You can feel it, because you either feel the Spirit of God settle on them; or you feel like hesitancy, like a lack of flow. Now, the Spirit of God has started to settle on her now. She’s just relaxing now. So it becomes easy to minister.

Sometimes you feel like almost an invisible wall. You feel these things. You either feel a flow, or you feel resistance; and you’ve got to learn to notice those things. Notice the flow. Remember it says in John 7:38 – “Out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” So the Spirit of God moves in flows. What I’ve done is given you some of the foundations of how you prepare the person; some things they do, and then your part is to work with the Holy Spirit, and direct the flow of ministry. Amen?

“Just come again. Ok. That’s right.” The flow, we’re looking at the flow. So I just take his hands, and see, I’m not trying to make anything happen. Just open your eyes and your heart up to the Lord; and I can literally feel the flow of power from heaven coming. Notice all I did was direct him to the source; and watch the flow come; and then I am open to the flow as well. That makes ministry a lot easier for you. Instead of trying to make things happen, become more sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit, sensitive to His flow. Sensitive to His moving, listening for Him all the time. Once you move in your thinking that way, instead of just trying to fix someone; we’re working with the Holy Spirit. “If I, by the Spirit of God, cast out the demons”. Now, we haven’t got into casting out yet, we’re just getting you to think about working with the Holy Spirit. Amen? Amen.