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Foundations for Freedom (2 of 8)

Mike Connell

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Alright then, rather than teach some more, I’ll get you doing something. That would be probably quite a good move. Perhaps you could put away your books. We’ve got about 10 minutes to go. I’ll get you to do some things. Just remain seated for the moment. I’ll show you what I want you to do. Books away... Now, we’re all ministers of the Spirit. In other words, God has put an anointing upon us, and we can stir up that anointing. We can stir the flow of the Spirit. This is what I’m going to get you to do. In a moment, we’re going to pray strongly in tongues, and stir up our Spirit man. Then I want you to get into groups of 3. You can go anywhere in the auditorium to be in a group of 3, and this is what we’re going to do.

I’ll just get a couple of people here. 1,2, 3. Ok. Come. Come on up here. This is just a lot of fun. “You’re going to be a catcher. Always have your eyes open.” Ok. “You’re going to be the one who receives; you can close your eyes.” “You’re going to minister. Yes? You’re going to release the power of God.” This is what we do. We’re going to follow it step by step. This is how we do it. First step, “Can I practise on you?” “Yeah, do your best”. OK then. “Your close your eyes”. Take her hand. That’s right. Now, I want you to pray in tongues, because praying in tongues, your spirit stirs up. Don’t try to do anything yet. Just pray in tongues. I’m just asking her to stir up her spirit. Even while you’re doing it, without even trying, the Holy Ghost is coming on her. Ok. Can you feel the anointing on her now? Yeah. It’s strong isn’t it? Well you just release the power of God from within you, on the count of 3 just blow on her. Holy Ghost come. There you go. Look at that.

“Now, what did you feel?” I’ll ask again. “As you began to pray in tongues, did you feel yourself rising up inside? As you prayed in tongues, what did you notice happening to her?” “I felt the Holy Spirit just begin to fill her.” “You start to feel like a flow, like something has come on her. It seems like she was then having trouble standing. As you were praying, and she was looking to the Lord, the Spirit of God starts to come on her, and you recognised that. That’s great. It’s important to recognise the movements of the Holy Spirit. Then you can just quite easily release the power of God.” [Whoosh] “Like that. Just from within you. It’s not the external things; it’s what happens within, by faith.”

“Now you notice, I’ve positioned you so you couldn’t push her over. Some people want to push people over - as soon as you do that, you are leaning into your flesh, and not drawing from the Spirit. Yeah? That’s exactly what’s happening; and the Holy Ghost will lift off you like that. You’ll have to push more? Don’t do that! People don’t like it! If you start to push, they’ll push back. Don’t like it. No one wants to be pushed. I’ve seen them go like that. That’s not ministry. That’s pushing. Good. So you didn’t have to do that.” “Stand up again.” Right, so we’re going to get you all to do this. Get into groups of 3. “Can I practise on you?” “Yes please. Smile.” Take a hand. Pray in tongues. Just relax as you pray in tongues. You are stirring the flow of the Spirit; then release the power of God. 1, 2, 3 - power of God. Look at that. That wasn’t hard was it? That was easy wasn’t it? Was that easy? No problem. Give her a clap.

Ok. Now, you notice, “Can I just take your hand?”, if I am praying like this, there’s no way I can push her - absolutely no way. Now you can lay hands like this if you like. It’s fine to do that; but train yourself to minister to people without pushing, so you learn to release the power of God. “Cough it out. Out in Jesus’ name! Let it go. Now, now, now. Loose in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord.” Now, we didn’t expect that to happen. I wasn’t even looking for that to happen. It just started to happen, because we’re in the flow of the Spirit. “Thank you Lord. Touch her. Touch. Right now. In Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord.” Now, what’s happened is, the anointing flowed, and then spirits started to manifest. I didn’t even want to do that, but it happened anyway. “Thank you Lord. Touch her. Touch her.”